Friday, May 3, 2013

Haul: suncream products at

What's this? A blogpost? Wait, whut? *looks confused*

Yeah yeah, this is a new blogpost. Don't make a big fuzz about it, because I'm not sure if there will be more :P
I just ordered a little something something, and decided it might be useful for some of you, with summer coming and all :)

On with the blogpost!

Yesterday, I was browsing the internet for a new suncream for my face. I always use a daycream with SPF, but I like to have a suncream for my face in my purse aswell. My nose (and where my hair is parted) tends to get sunburned rather quickly, and since I don't want to get skincancer (or look like a lobster), I always use extra protection.
(And I like the use a new product every year, since older suncreams tend to loose their ability to protect your skin over time.)

Now, a lot of these suncreams for your face tend to be pretty greasy, or shiny, or just have an aweful smell. So I try out new products and brands every year, just to see what works for me.
This year, I stumbled upon Vichy Capital Soleil, at
They had them on sale AND a pretty discount, I just love a good discount :).

If your ordered Vichy Capital Soleil products for a value of 15 euros or more, you'd get a 5 euro discount.
I was just going to get the Vichy Capital Soleil SPF50 Facecream - 30 ml, which was only 9,51 euro, but then I decided to browse the rest of the products. They didn't have an aftersun product especially for the face, so I decided on the Vichy Capital Soleil stick for the sensitive zones (ears, nose, etc.). That one, was 8,65 euro, but now my order was above 15 euros, so in the end, I actually payed only 3,65 for it. I think it will come in handy to touch up the nose and to have it with me in my bag. I change bags regularly, so it's nice to have an extra product to put in a (different) bag.

At the checkout, you can use the discount code for the 5 euro discount. Also, you can choose from a pretty long list of free gifts! I choose one that holds a handcream and lipbalm.Those always come in handy.

I ordered only yesterday and the package already arrived today! Excellent service!
This is what I received:

These products were the ones I actually ordered:

The suncream for the face and the stick for the sensitive zones. Together they cost 18,16. But with the 5 euro discount, they only cost me 13,16 euro.

For that amount, I also got this for free:

Vichy Nutriextra handcream and Nutriextra lipbalm.
Samples: Vichy Foundation, Vichy Shampoo, and Vichy Bodylotion.
It also included a booklet about some Vichy products with a 3,50 discount voucher at the phramacy.
It all came in this knitted pouch, because it's actually a winter carepackage.
It's worth 15,15 euro, and I got it for free, not bad!

Shippingcosts were only 1,95 euro, which is pretty low considering it was send as a package, which is normally 6,75 euro. Also, above 50 euro, shippingcosts are free. also has a system where you earn stamps when you buy products. I already got 2 after this order, and when you have 10, you get a free product. Wow, they really want to keep their customers happy!  :)

I think it's not a surprise when I tell you that I really liked ordering at this webshop. I payed only 13,16 euro for a package that was worth 33,31 euros. The shipping was only 1,95 euros. And I received my package the very next day. So if you are still looking for some suncream for your face, or just sunscreen for your body, check out this webshop, not only can you get a nice discount, you can also select your own free gift!.They also sell normal skinproducts by Vichy, La Roche Posay, etc. I'm definately keeping this webshop in mind, next time I'm looking for skinproducts.


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