Friday, January 27, 2012

Haul: spoiling myself after dentist appointment

On wedndesday, I went to the dentist. I had to have my molar sized down, to fit the new crown that will be put on top of it. I had a wonderfull time, which may seem weird, but my dentist and her assistent are really sweet and funny people. They kept making me laugh while I had to bite down on polymers for molarprints and they complimented me on my makeup and how symmetrical my eyebrows were. We talked a lot about makeup and work and other stuff. Apparantly, the assistent is a big fan of the store I work for and my dentist comes from Brabant aswell.
Anyway, I declined the anesthetic, because I never have those and the one time I did(when my wisdomteeth had to be remove in the hospital) it just felt really weird. She though she gave me one last time, but when she looked it up, found out she didnt. When I told her I never had any, my molars all have fillings and that I had years of braces and my jaw even was pulled to the front, she shrugged and said 'well that's a big difference from a client i had yesterday!' and they both laughed. Anyway, I declined, it hurt, but nothing I couldn't handle, and after an hour I was walking outside again. In 3 weeks I will have my crown and thats will be that. Sid had told me that I should buy myself a present afterwards, so that's what I did!

At Inglot I bought:

 No. 86 which is a beautifull copperyred colour with copperpink glitter in it.
And no. 22 which is a gorgeous purple with a LOT of gold in it.

Chatted for a while with the girl behind the counter, about makeupbrands and fake lashes and fantasy outfits, and I had to promiss her to come back someday, to have her do some crazy makeup on me. :)

The pic doesn't do the pigments justice, so here's a pic of each, that I found online:

Then I stopped by Kuci Muci, and picked up these earrings and the bracelet:
The earrings are really long, I love to play with long earrings during the day.
 The bracelet is made of leather and has a pattern of roses. Love it, it  was marked down to 3 euros.

 At Ici Paris XL, I bought this eau de toilette for Sid, which was marked down for less than 20 euro. Normally he uses perfumes by Givenchy and Rochas, but we both love this 'discount'scent.

I read some reviews about this new clinique cream and thought it would fit me perfectly. I thought it would be a lot more expensive, But I payed around 25 euros for it!
I also had a giftcertificate, so it was even less! I got 3 samples with it, but I forget to put them on pics.

Alkmaar now has a Claire's since about a month! Yeay, I really missed that store since I stopped working in Amsterdam. I bought:
 Fake red (allaround) clipin hair and a little bracelet with studs. I love this colour red and its too wide for me, so I'll probably cut it smaller and make small clipins for myself from the leftovers.

A Kruidvat I bought some things that were discontinued and/or on sale:
 Lipglosses, eyeliner, cuticleoil and a ducochrome (?) gold/green eyeshadow.

I also finally found this bottle! Seems a much easier way to remove nailpolish :)

I also bought some Andrelon styling and haircare, because it was a buy 2 and get 2 free deal.
And at Etos, I also got some Glisskur hairserums, because those were 2 for 7 euros.
I also reserved and paid for 2 xboxgames at Gamemania for Sid :)

You might remember the Anita Blake books that were on my bdaywishlist.
I've read the series before, but I loaned the first 13 orso from a collegue of sid. Since Im a big re-reader I wanted the whole series. I already had 13(?) and up and the first 3, so I needed the ones in between. I would get them on friday, but was fast as usual and I got them on wednesday, which was perfect, because I just finished the last book that I had.
If you like smutty books, go and check this serie out. It starts off pretty smutfree, but it gets smuttier each book. Im now reading book 4 and there hasnt really been any smut yet. BUT be prepared in the end theres a LOT of smut. If you;re not into that, don;t read this series. I love it, because it's about lycanthropes, necromancers, zombies, ghouls, vampires, etc etc etc. I really love the main character(s), and how the books are written.

Im a big re-reader, I tend to reread a series everytime there's a new book. Which is at least once every year, and a lot of different series that I read are still getting new books added. LOVE that!

Monday, January 23, 2012

EOTD: Superunknown

Another one that was lost in December.

I really have no idea what products I used here, but I really like the look, so I wanted to post it anyway.

I -THINK- that the colour on my moving eyelid is Evil Shades' Drakon, but I'm not a 100% sure.

Above the crease, could be any red/cranberry colour. Might be by Evil shades, or maybe Catrice, or it might even be MAC's Heritage Rouge. Might even be a lighter pinkish colour....Damn, I seriously have to start writing these things down, hahah.
In the crease is probably a plain black...orrrrr a black with shimmer in it, that never photographs right.
It's almost like a puzzle!

I really love the green below the eye, but I have NO idea which one it is. I have a hunch that it's Gosh' Golden Moss eyeliner with something on top. But I have no idea which eyeshadow or pigment that could be.

Still,  I think this is a lovely colourcombo, and when I finally remember which products I used, I'll wear it again, hahah.

Friday, January 20, 2012

EOTD: Hysteric Absinthe with Sugarpill

Another 'lost in December' EOTD.

I'm pretty sure that the purple I used was Sugarpill's Hysteric, even though the flash made the pics look much brighter. It looks a bit more like Weekender now, but it's really Hysteric.

I love the combo of green and purple, but I alwasy forget that, when I'm doing my makeup.
This was one day that I finally remembered.

I used no toher products then Sugarpills beautiful green Absinthe and purple Hysteric. I normally tend to use a lot more colours, or at least a darker eyeliner, so this was a bit different.

This was right before I went to work in the evening. I usually work fridaynights, because that's the only night our store is open in the evening. This wa, my collegues don't have to work 12 hour shifts :)

Just a bit of Gosh' The Soft Touch on my lips and I was good to go!
I wore simple black treggings, a grey longshirt with cute lace hearts on it and a black knitted bolero. In my hair I had little hairpins with black and white skull&bones design on them.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

EOTD: Some Browns

Another EOTD that got lost in busy december.
I honestly have no idea what colours I used for this EOTD, hahaa.

At least I'm pretty sure that I used Sleek's Oh So Special palette. but that's about it. I have no idea which colours I used. Care to make a guess? ;)

I do know that I used Dolliwink eyeliner above the eye and for the wing, and Gosh's Black Ink eyeliner below the eyes.

I -think- I'm wearing the red Kate Moss lipstick by Rimmel, but I can't tell for sure, because my camera tends to make all kinds of reds look the same. But I think I remember I used a colour that matched the ribbon from my Alchemy necklace.

It's a simple look, but one that I really like to wear, especially with the red lipstick.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

EOTD: Black and White with Sugarpill

Ofcourse, I really wanted to try out my new Sugarpill eyeshadows, and I decided to do a look with just Tako and Bulletproof.

Unfortunately, my lens was dirty or something, so not all pics are clear and/or focused. I didn't notice untill after I put the pics on my computer.  But I liked the look because it was different, so I still wanted to show you.

I applied Tako all over my moving eyelid. I was really impressed with the white, because most whites I own tend to be a bit see-through. Not Sugarpills Tako tough! I only needed a little for my whole eye.

Then I used Bulletproof to make a cut crease and blended it out towards my eyebrows.

I used a little bit of Tako as eyeliner above my lashes, and also a bit below my eyes.

It's a fairly simple EOTD, but I really liked the effect!

I was wearing a black top with a black knitted bolero. Black leggings, black combatboots, black and white plaited skirt and a black and white scarf in my hair.

Because I wanted to add some colour to my face, I used Sleek's Cranberry on my lips. I love this matte cranberry red colour!
I also used a little bit of the Fenberry blush on my cheeks. Both are from the Limited Edition The Cranberry Collection.
Other prodcuts used:
Essence Crystalliced liquid highlighter (LE) on my cheekbones
Inglot concealer on the wings of my nose.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Enchantra and Yves Rocher Haul

Another haul?? Well, I wasn't really looking to buy a lot, but I wanted to order some things from the Enchantra sale.
And then.... Enchantra's site went crazy and just gave out random discounts on products, like a freaky version of russian roulette..with makeup! I wasn't sure if the order would come through, but it was already at my home a few days later.

These products were the ones I was going to order initially:

 Sleek: The Berry Collection

 China Glaze: It's Alive

And these were ordered because they were so cheap:
 Scaredy Cat: Keltoi and Caledonia

 Sugarpill: Tako, Dollipop, Afterparty and Bulletproof
I now own all of them! w00h00!

This came with the package and I think it's adorable! It's such an original idea to give customers and it's healthy too!

I got all of the above for less than 50 euros including shipping, that's a great bargain! :)

I also ordered a little something at Yves Rocher:

 3 different facemasks in handy tubes. And a mild eyemakeup remover I wanted to try out.

I got this for free:
 Cottonpads, 2 samples and a new mascara.

I also got this bag for free with this order. It's officially a small gym bag, but I will probably use it for weekends away and stuff like that. I really like the special compartment at the bottom for shoes!

I only ordered for about 10 euros and the rest was FREE! I like free! hahahaha.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Fashion and Makeup Haul

It's been quite a while since I've really posted a haul, so I collected some of the stuff I bought and made pics of them.

My most recent buys: A red skinny jeans(!!!) and a black sweater with cute buttons on the sleeves.
I was so excited when at work (Takko) we finally got RED skinny jeans in grownup sizes! We had them before, on the teenager department, but even though the tops and such fits me easily, I just have a way too rounded ass to fit into teenage skinny jeans. Even when they normally fit a grownup.
Anyway, this skinny fits me like a glove, without it being uncomfortable, and it only cost me 16 euro, SCORE!

Black combatboots from the local army dumpstore. My old ones were 8 years old, repaired on the inside for the heels. You know, the part that loses its leather after wearing them for a couple of years? My repairguy put in some new leather on the inside of the heels which made them wearable again.(for only 4 euro!) But, unfortunately, the bottom of the heel got too thin aswell, and in the end, I was walking on a nail. So I decided it was time for new ones! I had to order them, because most dumpstores don't carry all sizes, let alone my size. I have a 325 S, which is a 37,5 (europeon size), Small width. They are soooooooo deepblack and shiny! Hopefully I can keep them this black, necause my old ones were really worn out.
I used to wear these to festivals and such only, because they had gotten uncomfortable, but now I'll start wearing them again when I have to walk a lot, I love the way they still work for me with a short skirt. :)

A satin pencilskirt by I love 50's/vintage style clothing or something inspired by it. So it's not that strange that I love this skirt. It's a satin skirt, with little black buttons on the front to the side, and ends in a little split on the knee. Cuteness overload!

Black tight lace skirt by H&M. I was going to make one myself after searching for one for quite a while and having some leftover from the pimping of my new years dress. But then I found this one for just a couple of euros and decided to take it with me. I'll make one myself anyway, but might make it a bit different now...or's different lace anyway.
And a black tight skirt with a nice wavy pattern on the fabric from Coolcat. I wore this one on the second day of christmas.
 Black knitted longshirt/dress by Takko. I thought immediately of all the (open) knitted shirts I had when I was a teenager. I loved those so I really wanted to have this one. It's not normally knitted, but you can see through it. So I can wear a different colour beneath it! :)

Sid's eye fell on this cardigan, because of the collar. He likes these on me, and I have to say that I really like this cardigan aswell. I didn't have a black one with a fluffy colour yet, so *yeay*.

 A grey/black striped basic longshirt/dress from H&M. It was only a couple of euros and these are great in summer or just with a long cardigan in winter. Sorry for the blurry pic, I didn't notice it untill I was writing the blog.

A black blazer with a detachable hoodie by Takko. This one is from the teenager department again. It's a bit too big, but I'll take it in. It was on sale and I really wanted it. Since the biggest size was the last one left, I didn't really have a choice :)

Hold ups from the Kruidvat Outlet Store, for 2 or 3 euros, don't remember correctly anymore. The holdup part has black hearts in it and 2 red bows on top of it. Cute!

Some makeup stuffies I bought. Mostly LE's by Catrice and Essence. Some Catrice mono eyshadows, a 2True glitter eyeliner and a Manhattan lipgloss and eyeshadow.

I also bougth cupcakemix and cupcake holders at Cupcake & Co, where I got to taste a little cupcake that was baked inside an icecreamcookiecup. *yum* Also a great idea to try out sometime :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

EOTD: Grapefruit, Berry and Plum

Even though, I'm trying to catch up on the EOTD's from december, I still wanted to share this recent one first. Because I still know which products I used right now, hahaha.

 Lately, I've been trying out some lighter colours, especially on the moving eyelid. I'm usually a fan of a bit darker colours, but I think I'm beginning to like this kind of EOTD's.

Products used:
Manhattan Magic Duo, Berry Mauve, just the pink colour.
Catrice Absolute Eye Colour, Heidi Plum
Catrice Absolute Eye Colour, Berry Fairy (LE)
Catrice Absolute Eye Colour, Gilbert's Grapefruit
Manhattan Multi Effect Eyeshadow, Black
Catrice Liquid Metal Gloss, Walk on Air (LE)

I really like the way these colours blend into eachother easily. You can't really tell where one colour ends and the next one begins. I didn't have to work for this, the eyeshadows just blend into eachother, while applying.

 The colours were a bit darker though, (check the pick above for Heidi Plum), but I still think it shows the colours nicely.

I didn't use a gel- or liquid liner for the black line above my lashes. Just a slanted brush and the Black Manhattan eyeshadow. This way, it gives a much softer effect, which I think fits with the EOTD.

Above and below, you can see the berry/purple effect better, it's all a matter of lighting.

Below, I'm just wearing some of the lipgloss, which I think is a bit too light for my skintone, but if I mix it a tiny bit with it's sister( Rosey &Cosey), it looks much better.
The flash makes everything a bit too washed out though, but hey, I just had to share my weird face :P

Which kind of EOTD, do you think suits me better?