Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Blog Anniversary, Personal Update

Today, it's been 3 years since I started blogging. I know I've been MIA lately, but I didn't want to go this blog anniversary go by unnoticed. So yeay, 3 years!

As most of you know, I've been unemployed last summer, due to he who shall not be named. A very long story, one that touched a lot of lives,throughout NL,  including mine.
I focused more on other hobbies in that time, and ofcourse on finding a new job. Which can be very depressing in this economy. Blogging was set aside for a while..which turned into a long while, haha.

The last few months, lots of stuff happened in our personal lives, but also with friends and family.
For example, Sid's front tooth broke off (on his birthday!?), our fridge broke down, as did both our bikes, and Loki had several emergency visists to the vet.
As aweful as it was, to almost loose my most beloved cat, all these things also cost a lot of money, and being unemployed, this didn't help on the depressing part.
I wasn't exactly in the mood for blogging, somehow makeup just doesn't seem that 'important' anymore, when people you know are in the hospital near death.

So I focused more on my books, which have been neglected a bit before, and tried to keep myself busy and positive, which wasn't always easy.

Anyway, it's december now, and thankfully, we have much more good news now.
Loki was finally healed after several close calls, and is doing great. He's back to his old cuddly self. It has been a scary few weeks, but he's doing really good and hopefully, will stay this way for many more yrs to come.

People got checked out of the hospital and are doing good, and other people at least are doing better and are seeing  developments in their situations.

He who shall not be named has -finally- met karma, and has lost his job. Unfortunately, a bit too late and many people lost his job because of him, but at least a little justice was served.
My excollegues all have other jobs now, so that's something positive aswell.

And...I've got a new job myself! I've been pretty busy with it, because we had to set up the whole store, it's all brand new. I also had to learn productinformation and such, and being around and talking to people all day at work, just didn't give me the right mindset to be online much.
I've got great collegues, and so far, I'm liking what I do :)

Right now, Sid's health is a bit low, he's been sent to the hospital for chest xrays by the doc, but they found nothing wrong there, so that was a big relief. He does have to get back to the doc for further tests, so we'll see what they find. At least his lungs and heart looked fine, which we've been worried about. He did have some bloodtestresults that were a bit off, so they are looking into that aswell. Maybe it's just because a lot of stuff is going around, and because of his diabetes, Sid gets sick pretty fast. Hopefully, it's nothing too serious.
*fingers crossed*

I'm still not in the right bloggingmood, but I might pick it up this month, or the next. I'm not sure if I'll go back to blogging 5 times a week or a bit more random. Maybe I'll just blog when I want to, or have the time for it, we'll see.
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So there it is, an update and 3 years of blogging...
It's been great to read your comments, but even to see so many lurkers has made me smile. :)
It has been fun, and hopefully it will stay that way in the future.

Buhbye for now *waves*


  1. Balen zeg, het is duidelijk niet jullie jaar geweest. Geniet van het feit dat je een baan hebt, dat je kat weer beter is en dat Sid in ieder geval niks heel ernstigs mankeert en kom alsjeblieft terug in het nieuwe jaar ;) Nieuwjaarsvoornemen?

  2. Gelukkig was er niets op de rontgenfoto's te zien. Ik las het op twitter, maar ik had het niet helemaal begrepen. Leuk om te lezen dat je het naar je zin hebt op je werk :)