Friday, November 2, 2012

My Halloween Look for Aurynween

Last weekend we went to Aurynween, the halloweenparty from Enchantra at the Auryn Beauty showroom.
Ofcourse we dressed up for this special occassion, but I totally failed at making pictures of our costumes and makeup.
I did make some pictures when we got home, but I didnt even lace up my corset because I just wanted to go to bed and I had been laced up all day.I had taken the corset off when we drove home. Also, apparantly I had been rubbing my eyes in the car, so my eyebrows are a bit smudged and my eyeliner has dissapeared on the inner eyecorners aswell.
Oh well, at least I took some, so you'll get the idea what I looked like.
This is going to be a picture heavy post!

I took this one with my phone while driving to the other side of the country, this is the only picture I have without smudged makeup:

Products used:
Heme Eyeshadowbase
Maybelline, Colour Tattoo, Infinite White
Maybelline, Colour Tattoo, Immortal Charcoal
Fyrinnae, Pixie Epoxy
Sugarpill Loose Powder, Junebug
Sugarpill Loose Powder, Weekender
Sugarpill, Loose Powder, Magpie
Sugarpill, Loose Powder, Stella (eyebrows)
Sugarpill, False Eyelashes, Shady Lane (upper lashes)
Barry M, Fine Glitter Dust, no 21
Barry M, Fine Glitter Dust, no 23
Barry M, Fine Glitter Dust, no 98
Inglot,  Eyeshadow 45
Essence, Liquid Ink, eyeliner
Sleek, Glitter Eyeliner, Gem
Gosh, Extreme Art Eyeliner, no 18
2True, Eyeliner Dazzlers, no 9
Nameless brand , false eyelashes, no 16 (cut in half on lower lashes)

And two I made with my phone on the way back home:

I think I started getting tred right after this one(at McDonalds), and started rubbing my eyes to keep awake.

On to the pics I made at home:

Ugh! Look a those brows! And that inner corner eyeliner! I didn't even see that on cam when I was taking them, damn I was tired! Oh well *shrug* Let's ignore them from now on ;)

I used Junebug, Weekender and Magpie on the moving eyelid, but for some reason it reflected as a greyish green *frowns*

 I absolutely adore these Sugarpill lashes, they were really comfortable:

The Barry M dusts that I used above my crese had awesome glitter in them.

The outfit:
A black longsleeve, because I'm always cold. ;)
A leather haltercorset thats laced at the sides and the back(I didnt lace it up here though, I was tired :p )
A fake leather bolero with ravenfeathers at the end of the sleeves (selfmade)
A fake leather skirt with ravenfeathers at the bottom (selfmade)
Black fake leather pixie ankleboots with buckles
Alchemy Gothic Raven necklace
Alchemy Gothic Ring
Real mink bone earrings by Elegant Curiosities
Ravenfeather and sequin hairband by Claires
Some hairextensions from my wedding.

Rest of the look:
Manhattan lipliner, purple
Lime Crime, Carousel Gloss, Kaleidoscope
Catrice, Unbeleaf'able blush

Wait, it's Halloween already? Oh no, I've got nothing to wear..

I seriously didn't know...

But it it's my favourite time of the year..

So let's partyyyyyyyy!!!!! ;)