Friday, October 5, 2012

EOTD: Autumn Eyes

Since weather has changed and it's become autumn almost overnight, I decided to play around with some autumncolours.

Products used:

-My Souvenir from Moon
-C'mon Chameleon!
-My first Copperware Party
-Heidi Plum
-Talk like an Egyptian

Manhattan, Kohl eyeliner, 66Q
Essence, Gellliner, London Baby

I tried every angle and every kind of lighting I had, but I couldn't get this one on cam as I wanted.
C'mon Chameleon! has this beautifull green sheen, that is completely gone on the pics, aswell as the glittery gold in the inner eyecorner. The colours are all washed out :(

I picked my colours, thinking about the falling leaves and fashioncolours for autumn. I think the plum goes really well with coppertones and green.

I used some brown gelliner, to give my lashes a bit more volume, without ruining the softness of the look.

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