Wednesday, October 10, 2012

9 yr Anniversary

We've had a bad luck period lately, and with Loki being really sick and all, I just haven't felt like blogging much. We'll see how it goes for here :)

So..... 9 years ago, my beloved decided he liked me lots, hahahaha.
I don't know how he got through 9 years with me, but let's hope he will get through lots more ;)

I don't really have pictures from our first years, because that harddrive crashed. But I did find some from our early years, so you can all have a laugh ;)

Happy Anniversary my beloved! W00p W00p!

Friday, October 5, 2012

EOTD: Autumn Eyes

Since weather has changed and it's become autumn almost overnight, I decided to play around with some autumncolours.

Products used:

-My Souvenir from Moon
-C'mon Chameleon!
-My first Copperware Party
-Heidi Plum
-Talk like an Egyptian

Manhattan, Kohl eyeliner, 66Q
Essence, Gellliner, London Baby

I tried every angle and every kind of lighting I had, but I couldn't get this one on cam as I wanted.
C'mon Chameleon! has this beautifull green sheen, that is completely gone on the pics, aswell as the glittery gold in the inner eyecorner. The colours are all washed out :(

I picked my colours, thinking about the falling leaves and fashioncolours for autumn. I think the plum goes really well with coppertones and green.

I used some brown gelliner, to give my lashes a bit more volume, without ruining the softness of the look.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

NOTD: Rainbow Holographic Nails

In the summer, I like to wear holographic nailpolish, because it glitters and gives off rainbows and makes me happy :)
But since I have several holopolishes, it's a bit hard to decided which one I should wear.
So for once, I decided not to choose, but to use several, all at once!

Products used:
All nail lacquers by China Glaze:
Gr8, TMI, Hyper Haute, L8R G8R, DV8

The pink one is from a different collection, that's why it's not the same holo effect as the rest, but it's still really pretty.

Don't mind the cathair, my cats are weird, and always want to cuddle when I do my nails.

 In sunlight:

I really liked this mani, and I might even do it again somewhere in winter, just to cheer myself up :)