Wednesday, September 26, 2012

EOTD: Brown and Gold

This is the EOTD I did on the exact date of our 4th weddinganniversary. We celebrated with cake and my beloved bought me 4 roses that were the exact same kind as I had in my weddingbouquet. He told me to dry these, which was really sweet, because my weddingroses couldn't be dried to preserve them. Probably because they had little skulls stuck into the hearts pf the roses with a bit of wire. So now I kinda have my weddingroses again :)

Products used:
Sleek Au Naturel palette
Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow, Goldilux
Essence, Liquid Ink eyeliner

 I wanted to have neutral eyes with a twist. I think Goldilux gave that extra sparkle and the eyeliner shape gave it something special.

MY camera apparantly didn't focus well that day, but hey, you can see all the sparklies ;)

I really don't remember all the colours I've used, because it's been a while, but you can achieve this with all kinds of neutral browns.

 I curled my hair and put on some Chanel Fatale lipstick:

That's a Alchemy necklace and I'm wearing a dress by Sinister. It's black velvet with chiffon and lots of lace :)


  1. Replies
    1. dank je, bruin en goud zijn stiekum erg mooi samen. who knew? :)

  2. wow, your curled hair looks amazingg.
    your sweetheart seems to be a really nice guy. The idea with the roses is just amazing and sooooo sweet :) you're so happy!!

    1. thank you, my hair usually doesnt really curl the way i want to though.
      My sweetheart is the best, he always does these little (big) things for me :)

  3. You look goregous! I hope it was a fan-fucking-tastic night for you. XD

    1. awww thanx *blushes* Its always a fantastic night when i can spend it with friends and family:)