Friday, September 14, 2012

Castlefest Makeup and Outfit

So here are the pics of my makeup and outfit at Castlefest, don't mind the face, I totally forgot to take pics again, so these were all made after we got home in the evening...pretty tired :)

I really didn't have any time to do a tryout makeup, so I kept it simple and ended up with a bit of circus/clownesque kind of makeup that went well enough with my outfit.

Since these were made a the end of the day, the waterline is a bit gone and the lashes have already been re-attached once, since they were pretty sturdy and my eyes are usually a bit too round for those.

Products used:
-Maybelline color tatoos Infitinte White and Immortal Charcoal
-Sugarpill pressed eyeshadows, Tako and Bulletproof
-Gosh effect powder, Gold Dust
-Essence liquid eyeliner, waterproof
-Hema waterproof eyeliner
-Inglot eyeliner, matte 76 (white)
-Essence glitter froster, Diamond Dust (LE)
-Gosh velvet touch eyeliner, Black Ink
-Ardell false eyelashes, Paris

I dabbed some of the glitter between Tako and Bulletproof, which blended into a grey with lots of glitter :)

I kept the rest of the makeup simple aswell, Chanel Fatale on my lips, and I think Ubeleaf√°ble blush on my cheeks.

This year, I wasn't in a mood to create a costume and so I just made a little outfit that had been waiting to be made for several years. I just can't seem to get around to cerain things. Anyway, as always when I try something new, it turned out completely different, but still nice :)
I also opted for comfort, so no wings, tails or other big accesories and no corset :)

Look at my awesome buttons!

Wearing simple black leggings, a lip service top, a white/beige cotton skirt with lace at the bottom and black sneakers. A little black hat with feathers(with a veil pushed aside) and an Alchemy necklace.
The selfmade things: The satin pinstripe pleated skirt with smaller steampunk buttons, and the bolero from the  same fabric. I was going to make a simple military style bolero and I ended up with this sort of victorian riding jacket :)


  1. Ik vind het toch tof hoe je steeds weer iets heel leuks neerzet. Het klopt allemaal perfect met elkaar en je maakt iedere keer de helft zelf! Ik vond het jammer dat ik niet naar Castlefest kon. Je had de knopen al wel een keer laten zien. Ik vind ze erg gaaf :D

    1. Dankjewel :) t is echt de moeite waard om een keer heen te gaan. Zelf vind ik Castlefest qua sfeer net ff gezelliger en iets minder dat druktegevoel dat je bij de EFF hebt.

  2. Replies
    1. Dankjewel, voor een uitprobeerseltje viel hij uiteindelijk best mee :)

  3. wow, i love the look. do you like the gothic-style?
    i am following your blog since a few weeks and i am fascinated by your make-ups.

    i don't know, if you, as a dutchman, understand written German (as i as a German understand a little bit written Dutch ;) ). if you do, i would like to invite you to have a look at my blog.
    i would be pleased, if you follow me.


    1. Ive always love the gothmakeup and gothclothing, I'm just a sucker for black and satins and lace ;)

      I understand German pretty good, as a child I always watched the beautifull fairytales that were on the German channels, and ofcourse Der Mause, haha.

      You blog looks really interesting, so Ill deff take a look there when I have some time :)

    2. great :)
      i am still working on my blog, i am not sure if i want a bright or a dark design o.O well, i have to take some time to experience what i really want my blog to be like :)