Thursday, September 13, 2012

Castlefest Haul

Every year, we save up to go on a shoppingspree at Castlefest, and this year we did the same.

 SId loves to pimp NERF guns, and the one he wanted the most is not being made anymore. Then my eye fell on this one, and it was over 50% off aswell, the decision was made pretty soon ;)

 Some new cameos and things to make jewelry/hairpieces and such myself. I love cameos and since the heart was sold out at EFF, I promised myself I'd buy it at Castlefest if I could.

Dr Who magazine with a dvd with Sid's favourite episode.

 Dr Who, Cyberman!


 I'm a big TNBC fan, and since he didn;t have any mugs this year, I bought thise cool bowl :)

 My motherinlaw aslways wanted a corset bag, so we bought this one for her.

There was also some sale on clothing, so I got myself this:

And Tony bought me this awesome coat for my bday(its laced at the back):

 This yr, you could transfer your Mead and More mead to a plastic bottle, so you could drink it on the terrain. Needless to say we bought lots of bottles, hahaha. Some even went home with us.

 Sid's kilt bag has been broken for a while, and when we saw this one, we just had to take it home. It's big enough for sids's (huge) phone and still put some either small items in it. I really love the lock.

We (almost) never go to a fair without buying a tarotdeck for the collection.

These were both made by the same guy that made the leather bracelet I bought last year. He didn't have bigger sizes back then, but he did have them now. So Sid got these form me for his birthday(next to my other present).
These are all handmade and unique designs. I love this one, because it's simple and feels celtic to me.

And this one looks like someone made it out of scrapes, like they would have done in the old days. The pieces with the design on them are form the same letaher as my bracelet :)

We also bought LOTS of goodies form Elegant Curiosities. But since I also got bdaypresents from Sid from her AND we've visited her and bought some more amazing stuff, I'm going to do a whole blog about her and the things we bought soon :)
I'll just leave you with this awesome bat skeleton we got from her:

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