Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Birthday Giveaway! *CLOSED*

Yeah yeah I know, I know. I've been gone for quite a while, and I could apolagize for it again, but I'm not going to. :p Truth is, I've enjoyed every minute of it, because It's been years since hubs and I have had so many days off together. We've had lots of fun, went out a lot, and had lots of 'let's-not-do-anything-days'. We are even watching all the Dr Who's again, well at least since Eccleston :)


Anyway, Today is my beloveds last birthday AND my birthday. Which meeans I might be blogging more again, if I can tear myself away from my re-discovered hobbies, AND I'll be having a giveaway again. :)

So let's move on to the important stuff: What can you win???

Full Size products:

-Fake lashes from Born Pretty Store, with Catrice Lashglue

-Catrice, Miracle Clouds, Metallic Liner (Limited Edition)

-Catrice, Let Me Seduce You, Duo Lipgloss (Limited Edition)

-Rimmel, Volume Flash, Instant hickening Mascara

-Technic Electric Beauty palette. This is the famous childsmakeup palette by Bart Smit. It has gorgeous colour and quite a lot of pigment. :)

-Essense Nail Art, Ornament Stickers,


-Sephora, Light Veil Foundation, Medium

-Yves Rocher, Sheer Foundation Radiant Finish, Beige Naturel

- Baume Du Jardinier, Pour Les Mains, Gardener's Hand Healer

-Kenzoki, Cream with a Sheen

-Sisley, Eau de Campagne, Moisturizing Bodylotion

- Avril Lavigne, Black Star

A long list, but basically, everything you need to create a partylook :)

And for the finishing touch, I will give you these aswell:

(The purple is less blue though, it's more like the purple in the palette)

This one is Netherlands-only, sorry, but I've spend my money on fun things in our holiday, and since I'm jobless nowadays, I just can't send it to the other end of the world. ;)

All you have to do to enter:
Leave a comment below. Tweeting about it is appreciated, but not mandatory. The more people visit and comment on my blog though (and not just now), the more I like doing giveaways ;)
Please keep in mind that people who only tweet giveaways will be removed from the giveaway!
I just want to give these goodies to people who love beautyblogs and take them time to read them and maybe even comment on them, hell, maybe even blogging themselves, not to people who are just greedy. :P

Anyway, that's all, this giveaway ends at Sept 16th.


  1. Nog eens hartelijk gefeliciteerd met je verjaardag! Fijn dat jullie zo lekker samen tijd hebben gehad! Alleen jammer dat wij daardoor updates moeste missen ;-)
    Ik doe graag mee met je winactie!

  2. super duper happy bday en nog vele jaren erbij gewenst :D

    ik doe mee met de winactie, dat bart smit palette is to die for en een backup is zeker welkom! :3

  3. Leuke giveaway! Heeeel veel verjaardagsknuffels toegewenst! Gefeliciteerd en op naar nog meer verjaardagen (: Ik doe mee, ik ben heel benieuwd naar alle producten.

  4. Van harte gefeliciteerd, hopelijk hebben jullie een mooie dag samen!
    Oh en ik doe niet mee :)

  5. Van harte gefeliciteerd nog! Ik was ook gisteren jarig haha :) Doe graag mee!

  6. Gefeliciteerd nog! Ik hoop dat je een leuke dag had!

  7. Er was er een jarig hoera! Hoera! Dat had ik even niet gezien maar dat was JIJ!! nog heel erg gefeliciteerd en nog vele mooie gelukkige, gezonde en met liefde gevulde jaren!!

    enne....tuurlijk doe ik graag mee met je winactie, top!!

  8. This is a rather creepy remark sweety...

    Today is my beloveds last birthday

    1. hahaha I meant to write 'last day of vacation', prolly got distracted ;)