Wednesday, August 8, 2012

4th Anniversary Dinner at the Hielander

On the 24th of July, it was our 4th wedding anniversary. To celebrate, we went to the Scottish reataurant, the Hielander, where Sid wayyy back, proposed to me :)

 It's not the cheapest restaurant out there, but soooooo worth your money. We usually get a giftcard for it from our dear friends, so we onky have to pay part of our meal ;)
I really like the restaurants owners and the whole atmosphere. We dutchies have a word that can't really be translated, ''gezellig'' and thats exactly what it is. Cozy and fun doens't really describe it. If we were rich, we would have dinner there every day ;)
They were the very first Scottish Restaurant in the Netherlands, and specialize in classic and modern Scottish food.

They have one of the biggest selection of Whiskies available, more then 800 scottish single malts, almost 50 Irish whiskey and roughly 100 world whiskies.
You can get a whisky-menu if you want, which means you get off-the-menu food and specially selected whisky that goes with it. My hubby especially likes these ;)

 Every time I go there, I see something new. I especially love all the little signs with scottish verbs and fun things. Like that poster on the wall : ''Warning: drinking may cause memory loss, or worse, memory loss. "
On your reservation card, there's always a 10 ct's a refund for your reservation phonecall :)

Sidney love this place so much :)
We had an extra special night, because this evening, they had live music and a special menu.
There wasn't a whiskymenu this time, but we asked for whisky to go with the dishes and ofcourse Wullie found some great ones for Sid to enjoy.

One of my favourite dishes of the Hielander: salmon. This is one of the reasons for me to eat there, and I dare to say this is the best salmon out there.

This was a different take on the fish and chips, and I really love it :)

I did something bad.....I did NOT order the Death By Chocolate like I usually do!?!?!?! But it was really warm, and I just really felt like icecream, hahaha.

 Sid's dessert, a creme brulee, icecream and probably whisky, it was alcohol anyway ;)

And when you ask for this, this is what's placed in fron of you, hahaha.

We had a great evening, and I can reqally recommend this restaurant to everyone!