Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wedding Anniversary and Small Giveaway

If you can't stand all the lovey dovey stuff, I recommend you scroll down to the giveaway at the bottom ;)

Today, it's been exactly 4 years since we made it legal and I became a married woman.
It seems so much longer ago, but on the other hand, it feels like only yesterday.

I only have to think back to that day and it plasters a big smile on my face. We felt so much joy and love that day, not only ours, but of our friends and family. Even from complete strangers who kept congratulating and waving at us when we passed by in the wedding car or at the park making pictures. I'm not one who likes to be in the center of attention, but that day, it just felt like a big warm blanket wrapped around me. Now, 4 years later, I still feel that, lookin back. :)

Besides the two people in the front and our photographers, I don't know any of these people

Since today is tuesday and my beloved is at work, we went out for dinner last saturday. Ofcourse we went to 'our' restaurant the Hielander, where he proposed all those years ago.
We had an awesome time, with live music and chatting with the fabulous hosts. They always take time to chat with us and they are really warm and funny.

So back to our anniversary...

It's no coincidence that our weddingdate is the 24th of july. I wanted a summer wedding and 24/7 sounded like the best weddingdate there is. We love eachother 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even the woman who married us loved that date, she even mentioned it in the speech :)

Today may be our 4th weddinganniversary, but I'm sure that's only the beginning of a long and happy married life. I've married one of the greatest guys out there and sometimes I still can't believe he picked me. He's a gentleman and a romantic, an artist at heart. He loves animals as much as I do; I think we saved a lot of frogs, cats, hedgehogs and so on, by getting them off the roads. He enjoys romcoms as much as I do, and we share our love for (fantasy)books. We have so many shared interests, it's almost crazy. So it's no surprise that he is my best friend and my favourite person to share things with. I love how we complete eachothers sentences and that I only need a word or a look and he totally understand what I wanted to say....or which actors name I'm trying to come up with, hahah. I love the way he can burst out in laughter by some lame comment I make, or how he'll simply say ''you need that'' when I see something nice. And even though he likes horrormovies and Star Wars (OMG I married a nerd!)... he is The One for me :)

Did I mention we did the Thriller dance? ;)

Sidney, my beloved, there are so many things I could say to you, but I don't think there are words out there with the right impact. I know I am not without my flaws(I seem to collect them ;) ), but you accept them and treat me no different for them, sometimes you even seem to enjoy them? I know some of my quirks can be terribly annoying and I applaud you for still hanging in there, hahaha. Seriously though, it's weird how we can truly be our own selves and still complement eachother this much. But then again, we are weird and we love it! I've enjoyed the last 4 years immensely(and ofcourse the 5 years before that)and I'm looking forward to many more. I say it every day, and this day is no different: I love you. w00p w00p ;)

How better to celebrate a day of love, then with cake and hearts?

All you have to do to win these: leave a nice comment below.
Tweeting about it would be nice, but it's not mandatory.
Giveaway will close at August 5th.


  1. You and Sid are seriously one of my favourite couples ever. If I am ever half as happy with someone that gets me as much as the two of you get each other, I will be a lucky gal :)

  2. Echt super toffe kleding tijdens je bruiloft zowel Sidney en jij. Leuk om het eens helemaal anders te doen dan dat saaie wit. En die auto <3 Leuk om dit een keer te zien en voor jullie, ik wens jullie nog vele jaren samen. Dat komt vast goed als hij zijn suiker level wat op peil heeft en niet te veel donuts eet ;)

  3. (Ik doe niet mee aan de winactie)

    Hóe tof om die foto's zo eens te zien! Ik wist wel al hoe jullie er uit zagen, maar het is nog zoveel leuker om deze foto's ook eens te zien. Jullie zijn één van de liefste, zo niet het liefste stelletje dat ik ken. Gefeliciteerd!

  4. Wauw, zo mooi om te zien. Jullie zagen er prachtig uit en de auto is ook echt geweldig. Je schrijft er ook zo fijn over!
    Aan de winactie zou ik wel mee willen doen om aan mijn nichtje die naar de brugklas gaat te geven, zij zou dat geweldig vinden.

  5. Wat zijn jullie mooi samen! Alles past zo mooi, de veer, de auto, de omgeving, prachtig. Ook de foto op het bankje is zo leuk. Zelf zou ik niet direct in het zwart trouwen, maar als ik jou jurk zo zie, zou ik misschien nog wel van gedachten kunnen veranderen denk ik. :) Vooral de rok is zo mooi met die laagjes!

  6. This post is full of awesome, win, and love!

  7. Wauw, wat een mooie foto's van jullie huwelijk! Je zag er de perfecte bruid uit, hihi. Van harte gefeliciteerd :) wat is de liefde toch soms mooi zeg!