Monday, July 9, 2012

Latest Makeup Haul

My hubby decided I deserved something nice after not having my contract renewed, so he took me to Inglot! :)

Here's what he got me:

Soft Precision Eyeliner 31
Pure Pigment Eyeshadow 45
Eyeliner Gel76

I've been trying to find a good white eyeliner, but no brand so far worked for me. When I saw these, my eyes lit up, because these definately worked a lot better on my skin. Well, at least on my hand, but I'm sure it'll work just as good on my eyes. :)
Since I couldn't decide between a pencil and a gelliner, I took both with me. I like a gelliner above my lashes, and a pencil underneath my eyes, so that was probably a good decision.
Also, I took this pgment with me, which has this awesome green shine over it, a bit like Sugarpill's Lumi has that blue shine.

Pigment swatch:
 In real life it's much more green, with a touch of gold, but my cam didn't want to catch it's fabulousness.

I also wanted a body pigment, one I've been drewling over for quite some time. But back then, they told me it wasn't eyesafe. Now, recently, Lisanne told me that they could be used for the eyes, so that was great news!
But, ofcourse it was sold out, they even looked for me in Amsterdam, but it was sold out aswell in that store.
When I came back to hear that news, the other saleslady told me it wasn't really recommended to use those body pigments on the eyes, because they have glassfibers in them. So if you try these on your eyes, be very carefull!!!

I also picked up these beauties at Kruidvat:

Catrice, Heavy Metalllilac and Catrice, King of Greens.

I have seen people in other countries rave about the Maybelline Color Tattoos for ages now, so when they were finally available at Etos, I wanted to try the dark grey and white one. Ofcourse, the white one was sold out, and because it was buy 1, get one for free, I picked one of the ones that was still available.
  Immortal Charcoal and On and On Bronze

I tried them out as a sticky base and really liked them, so I decided I really needed the white one to make my colourful pigments pop even more. Luckely for me, they had the same offer at Kruidvat the week after, and I got to pick up the white one and another one for free. It's a shame they didn't have all the colours though, because there's a lovely aqua colour aswell.

 Infinite White and Eternal Gold.

And when we picked up some new smellies at Ici Paris for hubs, I found these on the salescounter and couldn't resist:
I love the Eyelure lashes and I think these will look great with some of my Sugarpill eyeshadows, they'll be fun to play around with :)


  1. Je kan de eyeliner ook als basis gebruiken voor onder je pigmenten, zoals NYX Jumbo pencils.

  2. Ben erg benieuwd naar een look met die wimpers!
    Trouwens, jij hebt altijd zulke leuke dingen van Takko, ik was dan ook heel blij toen ik er eindelijk eens een tegen kwam, maar volgens mij hadden ze dat 'merk' waar jij die leuke dingen van hebt helemaal niet. Helaas! Kan het kloppen dat dit per filiaal verschilt?

    1. Dat zou inderdaad kunnen. Takko heeft verschillende vrouwen collecties, en hoe groter de Takko, hoe meer collecties er in t filiaal zijn. De collectie waar ik veel van heb heet Crazyworld en dat is de derde collectie, dus echt voor de wat grotere filialen.