Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Eye and Hair of the Day

I wanted to try out the Maybelline Colour Tattoos as a base, and I decided to try On and On Bronze first.

Products used:
Maybelline, Colour Tattoo, On and On Bronze
Sleek, I Dust, Vintage
Sleek I Dust, Dirty
Sleek I Dust, Spellbound

I like the way the colour tattoo seems to add some extra shimmer to the loose eyeshadows by Sleek. It's perfect as a sticky base, because the loose eyeshadows stayed in place.

I wanted to use the hairflower my lovely excollegue got me, and since I thought it was too big to put right next to my face, I opted for a side bun:

With some Unbeleaf'able blush by Catrice, and if I remember correctly, and old Gosh lipstick called Kitch. I think this was the first lipstick I ever bought from this brand, almost forgot I had it in my stash :)

This bun is supereasy to do with a sock:

I also came across my old stash of silver earrings that I bought at a chinese store yeaaars ago. It's amazing what you can find if you clean up your closets once in a while hahahaha. I had collected quite a few and back then, I wore them daily. They seem to have some discolouration though, any idea were I can find some oldskool silver polish nowadays?


  1. Gewoon weer dragen dan gast het wel weer weg! En anders heeft de kruidvat of juwelier het wel!
    Owh ja, mooie look heb je gemaakt!

    1. Maar ik vind t niet mooi als t verkleurt is ;) Ik heb bij mn favoriete juwelenman een perfecte poetsdoek gevonden :)

  2. You remind me of a pretty flamenco dancer with this look!! :)

    1. Aww thank you! I always loved their dresses, the fans and the big hairflowers :)