Thursday, July 19, 2012

EOTD: SilverBrown wears a Crown

This is a pretty simple EOTD I did a while ago. I'm more of a bam-in-your-face-colour kind of girl, but sometimes I go for something more neutral. Well, this is neutral for me anyway. Funny thing is that I usually get quite a lot of reactions on the interwebz on the more neutral looks. Which I think is a shame, because there are already so many people wearing neutral looks daily. I love people who dare to be bold and just go outside with all the colours of the rainbow on their eyes. It really lifts your mood and I still don't understand peoples 'I love those colours, but I would never wear them outside'. Uhm...why not? What's stopping you? Brown is just another colour, why not try a different one fer a change?

Products used:

Coastel Scents, Creative Me #2 palette
Catrice, Black or White Swan?
Gosh, Velvet Touch Eyeliner, Truly Brown

It was really hard to catch the colours of the crease and above it on cam. I've tried all kinds of lighting, but it didn't work. It's a soft black with copperygold shimmer in it. It looked beattiful, but on pics, it just looked like a darkbrown :(

 The EOTD still looks nice, but a bit more plain than it really was.

Tiny bit of sparkle here, but the rest is unfocused and the sparkles turn up almost red?

After lots and lots of pics, I finally gave up, this was just the best I could do.  Oh well, at least my eyelashes decided to stand upright for a change ;)

For some reason, I still expect to make pics that represent the colours exactly the way I see it. You would think I would have learned by now..


  1. I would love to use more colors on a daily basis, but my job does not allow. Combinations with neutral tones are also beautiful. That look that you created was beautiful!

    1. That really is a shame, I always got great compliments on my makeup from customers. Thankfully, you don;t have to work every day ;)