Tuesday, July 3, 2012

EOTD: Goodbye My Friends

As some of you may know, I've been working at a clothing store the past few years. me and my collegues had a great time, and everything was awesome. Then a certain person who shall not be named, ruined it all and decided not to give us contracts for unlimited time. (long story, which I might tell you someday.) So then, 3 of our team had to leave our jobs, including me. It sucked big time for more reasons than one, and last friday was my last day at work. I decided to not let it get to me and instead of making it a sad going away, I wanted to give it a bit of a happy party feel. I mean, it's not like I'll never see my ex-collegues again, we've became friends and we will still hang out together. Also, it's just around the corner so we will all still go shopping there.  There were still some tears from my lovely collegue, but we ended up having a decent last day.This wasn't the real going away party though, that's still to come, with all the girls of my old team ;)

So for a party, you should dress up, which is what I did. :)
I wore a cute little black dress with a satin top and a lace bottom. I love the way the satin is folded over eachother, and that it's a dress made out of two of my favourite fabrics. I also wore a simple shrug, with puffy lace sleeves.

Jewelry of the day:

I didn;t really want to think about makeup, so I recreated the look that I posted last friday, with some false eyelashes from Eyelure (Oh Honey, Katy Perry collection)

I made a batch of cupcakes with cinnamonsugar, my collegues favourite, and got us some alcoholfree bubblies:

Enjoying some bubblies with the sweet Valery. Miss her already!

Valery got me some beautiful white roses and a big red hairflower, she knows me so well!

I also got flowers from the new teamleader. She was on vacation these past few weeks, so I only really saw her for a few days, but it's still sweet of her:

Our cute intern also had her last day, we gave her a lill present aswell, and she left a really sweet note for us. Same goes for a collegue from a different store, she left a note for me, I love getting such sweet notes :)
I left a card myself, thanking my collegues for all the fun we had, even though we'll be seeing eachother soon again :)

Since it was only the evening shift, my last day wasn't really long. So before long, it was time to say goodbye.

Bye Bye work!

It's a shame I have to leave a job I really love, but sometimes you just can't do anything about it. I will definately miss the customers that have visited us frequently who almost felt like family. You really get to know people if you want to, and I've met some great people there. Lots of them wished me luck finding a new job, really sweet :)
The small silver lining of it, is that at least it was nothing that I did that caused my unemployment, it was pure a decision of money. It's no fun being unemployed, and it might take some time again to find similar work, because I'm a bit older and therefore more expensive. They mostly want 18 yr olds in the stores around here, because they are cheap :(
Still, I'm going to look at it in the positive way. I haven't had a vacation in ages, so I'm going to (try and) enjoy these days, and spend more time on my hobbies that I've been neglecting. (Next to finding a new job ofcourse). Also, you never know what will cross you path, and the next adventure might bring even more joy into our lives. This job has given me great memories and an awesome group of friends. And I will definately treasure that.
So now, I'm off to go places where I've never been before (except to shop hahaha), and seek out new adventures!

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  1. I love the bronze/gold colour right at the bottom of your lid! All the colours blend really well :)