Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wedding Anniversary and Small Giveaway

If you can't stand all the lovey dovey stuff, I recommend you scroll down to the giveaway at the bottom ;)

Today, it's been exactly 4 years since we made it legal and I became a married woman.
It seems so much longer ago, but on the other hand, it feels like only yesterday.

I only have to think back to that day and it plasters a big smile on my face. We felt so much joy and love that day, not only ours, but of our friends and family. Even from complete strangers who kept congratulating and waving at us when we passed by in the wedding car or at the park making pictures. I'm not one who likes to be in the center of attention, but that day, it just felt like a big warm blanket wrapped around me. Now, 4 years later, I still feel that, lookin back. :)

Besides the two people in the front and our photographers, I don't know any of these people

Since today is tuesday and my beloved is at work, we went out for dinner last saturday. Ofcourse we went to 'our' restaurant the Hielander, where he proposed all those years ago.
We had an awesome time, with live music and chatting with the fabulous hosts. They always take time to chat with us and they are really warm and funny.

So back to our anniversary...

It's no coincidence that our weddingdate is the 24th of july. I wanted a summer wedding and 24/7 sounded like the best weddingdate there is. We love eachother 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even the woman who married us loved that date, she even mentioned it in the speech :)

Today may be our 4th weddinganniversary, but I'm sure that's only the beginning of a long and happy married life. I've married one of the greatest guys out there and sometimes I still can't believe he picked me. He's a gentleman and a romantic, an artist at heart. He loves animals as much as I do; I think we saved a lot of frogs, cats, hedgehogs and so on, by getting them off the roads. He enjoys romcoms as much as I do, and we share our love for (fantasy)books. We have so many shared interests, it's almost crazy. So it's no surprise that he is my best friend and my favourite person to share things with. I love how we complete eachothers sentences and that I only need a word or a look and he totally understand what I wanted to say....or which actors name I'm trying to come up with, hahah. I love the way he can burst out in laughter by some lame comment I make, or how he'll simply say ''you need that'' when I see something nice. And even though he likes horrormovies and Star Wars (OMG I married a nerd!)... he is The One for me :)

Did I mention we did the Thriller dance? ;)

Sidney, my beloved, there are so many things I could say to you, but I don't think there are words out there with the right impact. I know I am not without my flaws(I seem to collect them ;) ), but you accept them and treat me no different for them, sometimes you even seem to enjoy them? I know some of my quirks can be terribly annoying and I applaud you for still hanging in there, hahaha. Seriously though, it's weird how we can truly be our own selves and still complement eachother this much. But then again, we are weird and we love it! I've enjoyed the last 4 years immensely(and ofcourse the 5 years before that)and I'm looking forward to many more. I say it every day, and this day is no different: I love you. w00p w00p ;)

How better to celebrate a day of love, then with cake and hearts?

All you have to do to win these: leave a nice comment below.
Tweeting about it would be nice, but it's not mandatory.
Giveaway will close at August 5th.

Friday, July 20, 2012

EOTD: Sugarpill Envy

I love green and I love Sugarpill, so why not do a look with ALL the Sugarpill greens?  It will probably make people green with envy! (See what I did there? :P )

Products used:

Sugarpill eyeshadows:
Bulletproof (above the lashes)

Inglot Pigment no. 45

Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliners:
Lemon Soda
Green Grass
Woody Green

I have a very deep crease, that's why I usually take pics looking like I'm really surprised, hahaha.
If I dont, you can't see half of the colours I used, which is a shame.
This time I decided to apply colours a bit higher towards my brows and I kinda like it :)

I love how these greens go so well together, it's one of the reasons I love Sugarpill so much: so many greens!

 Not so surprised ;)
I really should have used fake lashes, it would have made the look even prettier.

I used the pigment by Inglot as a highlighter, which shifts with the light. But I also dabbed it a bit over all the other greens, for some extra sparkle.

I did have to get used to seeing so much colour above my crease, but I don't think it looks too disturbing.

Some Catrice Unbeleaf'ble blush on my cheeks, which is almost my go-to blush. And some Gosh Soft n Shine Mocha on my lips. Still think it's a damn shame they discontinued those. They are perfect for summer and I use them a lot. Especially if you have really dry lips like me, they are a perfect substitute for lipstick.

I was wearing one of my favourites: the necklace I bought at the EFF with the gorgeous dark green stone in it. I was also wearing a Vive Maria top, a black tutu skirt made from almost the exact same fabric as the sleeves of the top (score!), a black legging and black highheeled pixie like ankleboots. And ofcourse, I totally forgot to make an outfit picture. Oops!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

EOTD: SilverBrown wears a Crown

This is a pretty simple EOTD I did a while ago. I'm more of a bam-in-your-face-colour kind of girl, but sometimes I go for something more neutral. Well, this is neutral for me anyway. Funny thing is that I usually get quite a lot of reactions on the interwebz on the more neutral looks. Which I think is a shame, because there are already so many people wearing neutral looks daily. I love people who dare to be bold and just go outside with all the colours of the rainbow on their eyes. It really lifts your mood and I still don't understand peoples 'I love those colours, but I would never wear them outside'. Uhm...why not? What's stopping you? Brown is just another colour, why not try a different one fer a change?

Products used:

Coastel Scents, Creative Me #2 palette
Catrice, Black or White Swan?
Gosh, Velvet Touch Eyeliner, Truly Brown

It was really hard to catch the colours of the crease and above it on cam. I've tried all kinds of lighting, but it didn't work. It's a soft black with copperygold shimmer in it. It looked beattiful, but on pics, it just looked like a darkbrown :(

 The EOTD still looks nice, but a bit more plain than it really was.

Tiny bit of sparkle here, but the rest is unfocused and the sparkles turn up almost red?

After lots and lots of pics, I finally gave up, this was just the best I could do.  Oh well, at least my eyelashes decided to stand upright for a change ;)

For some reason, I still expect to make pics that represent the colours exactly the way I see it. You would think I would have learned by now..

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

NOTD: Nouveau Vintage

This is a NOTD with the beautiful polis Nouveau Vintage by Color Club.

This is a beautiful duochrome polish, that changes everytime I look at it.

In the bottle, this colour looks mostly green, with a bit of red and brown and a hint of gold. It gives a bit of an autumn feel, reminding of the leaves changing colours.

(don't mind the cathairs, one of our cats always wants to cuddle when I'm doing my nails)

On the nails, it looks less green and more redbrown with hints of gold. I would have liked it more if the green was the main colour, but this still is a great colour.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

EOTD: Burned Down Heart

This is actually an EOTD that I wasn't to happy about, but I had to go outside and didn't really have time to change it. Weird thing is though, I got some nice reactions to it, and even made a cute friend. He was a bit young though and I felt like a cougar, still, it was fun to have a handsome guy waving at me, every time he saw me. Hahahaha.

 Not sure why this one is blurry

I only used the Burning Heart palette by Sugarpill and a black eyeliner by Essence. For some weird reason, the yellow didn't want to stay on my skin. Not sure why, maybe it's the base I used. Maybe it was just one of those days.

I wasn't feeling a 100%, and I guess you can tell, hahah

Pffttt, the hair, the almost gone lipstick, why am I sharing this again?

Oh well, at Least I got this awesome red jacket at the market. With the weather we are having this 'summer' , it's been a blessing to add to my wardrobe.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Eye and Hair of the Day

I wanted to try out the Maybelline Colour Tattoos as a base, and I decided to try On and On Bronze first.

Products used:
Maybelline, Colour Tattoo, On and On Bronze
Sleek, I Dust, Vintage
Sleek I Dust, Dirty
Sleek I Dust, Spellbound

I like the way the colour tattoo seems to add some extra shimmer to the loose eyeshadows by Sleek. It's perfect as a sticky base, because the loose eyeshadows stayed in place.

I wanted to use the hairflower my lovely excollegue got me, and since I thought it was too big to put right next to my face, I opted for a side bun:

With some Unbeleaf'able blush by Catrice, and if I remember correctly, and old Gosh lipstick called Kitch. I think this was the first lipstick I ever bought from this brand, almost forgot I had it in my stash :)

This bun is supereasy to do with a sock:

I also came across my old stash of silver earrings that I bought at a chinese store yeaaars ago. It's amazing what you can find if you clean up your closets once in a while hahahaha. I had collected quite a few and back then, I wore them daily. They seem to have some discolouration though, any idea were I can find some oldskool silver polish nowadays?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Latest Makeup Haul

My hubby decided I deserved something nice after not having my contract renewed, so he took me to Inglot! :)

Here's what he got me:

Soft Precision Eyeliner 31
Pure Pigment Eyeshadow 45
Eyeliner Gel76

I've been trying to find a good white eyeliner, but no brand so far worked for me. When I saw these, my eyes lit up, because these definately worked a lot better on my skin. Well, at least on my hand, but I'm sure it'll work just as good on my eyes. :)
Since I couldn't decide between a pencil and a gelliner, I took both with me. I like a gelliner above my lashes, and a pencil underneath my eyes, so that was probably a good decision.
Also, I took this pgment with me, which has this awesome green shine over it, a bit like Sugarpill's Lumi has that blue shine.

Pigment swatch:
 In real life it's much more green, with a touch of gold, but my cam didn't want to catch it's fabulousness.

I also wanted a body pigment, one I've been drewling over for quite some time. But back then, they told me it wasn't eyesafe. Now, recently, Lisanne told me that they could be used for the eyes, so that was great news!
But, ofcourse it was sold out, they even looked for me in Amsterdam, but it was sold out aswell in that store.
When I came back to hear that news, the other saleslady told me it wasn't really recommended to use those body pigments on the eyes, because they have glassfibers in them. So if you try these on your eyes, be very carefull!!!

I also picked up these beauties at Kruidvat:

Catrice, Heavy Metalllilac and Catrice, King of Greens.

I have seen people in other countries rave about the Maybelline Color Tattoos for ages now, so when they were finally available at Etos, I wanted to try the dark grey and white one. Ofcourse, the white one was sold out, and because it was buy 1, get one for free, I picked one of the ones that was still available.
  Immortal Charcoal and On and On Bronze

I tried them out as a sticky base and really liked them, so I decided I really needed the white one to make my colourful pigments pop even more. Luckely for me, they had the same offer at Kruidvat the week after, and I got to pick up the white one and another one for free. It's a shame they didn't have all the colours though, because there's a lovely aqua colour aswell.

 Infinite White and Eternal Gold.

And when we picked up some new smellies at Ici Paris for hubs, I found these on the salescounter and couldn't resist:
I love the Eyelure lashes and I think these will look great with some of my Sugarpill eyeshadows, they'll be fun to play around with :)