Wednesday, June 20, 2012

EOTD: Ultra Mattes Darks

This is an EOTD that I did, when the Sleek Ultra Mattes Darks came in. I've never been a big fan of mattes, they tend not to blend on my skin, get patchy results, and just look a bit bland to me.

But when Sleek came out with a matte palette, I definately wanted to give it a go. Sleek always has great pigmentation, and their 2 new palettes gave a lot of different colours to work with.

It's not a great EOTD, I just started applying colours on my eyes, just to see what they would do and how they would blend and such. This one is from somewhere in May..I'm a bad baaaad blogger.

 As you can see, it didn't really want to blend well in the middle, and got a bit patchy. Still, not as bad as other mattes I've tried before.

I used almost ALL of the colours of the palette, except: Highness, Noir and Fern. Oops! hahaha

I have to say, that these mattes were a lot more fun to work with, and I think it was a great choice to get these palettes.

I'll probably never do a complete matte look again, but it's nice to have them to add to other more glittery and shimmery colours.

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  1. prachtige look heb je er mee gemaakt :D ik heb zelf alleen het felgekleurde matte palette maar denk dat ik de donkere versie ook nog maar een keer ga aanschaffen :D