Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Enchantra Birthday BBQ Bash Haul

So last weekend was the Birthday Bbq Bash at the Auryn Beauty Showroom, online mostly known as the webshop Enchantra, so we went allllll the way to the south of NL, to celebrate, shop, eat and have fun.

Ever since I knew we were going, which was a couple of months, I'd been saving up to go wild again. I love to see the makeup upclose and decide there and then if I want it or not. I always come up with some surprise products aswell that way. :)

From the normal collection:
Konad, Inoje Flobu, BB Cream
Sugarpill, Eyelash Overdose, Shady Lane
Sleek, Glitter Eyeliner, Steel
Glittergal, Nailpolish, Lizard Belly (dark green holo!!!!)
Color Club, Professional Nail Lacquer, Nouveau Vintage (awesome duochrome!)
Orly, Nail Lacquer, Fowl Play
China Glaze, Nail Lacquer, Marry a Millionaire
Scaredy Cat, eyeshadow, Hera (with Peacock artwork!)
Scaredy Cat, eyeshadow, Peacock Blood (d0h! ;)  )
Sleek, Idivine palette, Au Naturel

Konad, Art, Makeup Brush, Gel Liner Brush

The new makeup products by Konad were all in the sale cabinets. I loved the packaging of the lipsticks, so pretty!. My eye fell on this brush, because I hadn't found the right brush yet for gelliner. Slanted, pointed, nothing worked as good as I wanted. This brush is triangular and sturdy, and it works like a charm! I've been using it daily ever since ;) Oh, and it was only 3,95 euros!!

All form the sale cabinets:

Small Eyeliner / Smudge Brush (no name)
Sigma, Blending Brush, E - 25 (already have this one, and love it! They were so cheap I bought two :P)
A double brush, eyeshadow and pencil brush (no name) (seems to be handy for my purse)
Pro Blending Fluff Brush C433 (I think it's from Sigma aswell, not sure though)
Whimsical Lashes, FL - 01 (couldn't find a name on these)
Whimsical Lashes, FL - 03
Coastel Scents, Glossi Glaze, Ru Bella
Coastel Scents Hot Pots, S06, HP-ME01 and HP-ME15
Coastel Scents, Eye Shadow Samples, Karma, Funk and Aqua Zone.
Coastel Scents, Go palette, Paris

All brushes were just 2 or 2,5 euros! All the other things were 1 or 2 euros, except the lashes were 3 and the palette 5.

Sugarpill stickers for Sid's new bike ;)

The cute goodiebag customers got:

Sleek, Mini High Shine Lipgloss, Clear/Original
Business Card from Sugarpill
Sugarpill, Loose Eyeshadow Sample, Tipsy
Sugarpill Sticker
Sleek, Nail Fix, 12 Emery Boards
Super cute cupcake lipgloss

And we got another Sugarpill sticker:

Lara gave this one to us, we didn't have this colour yet, and it will look awesome on Sid's bike! Thanx again! :)

Totally forgot to make pics of it, but Linda gave Sid the last two bottles of Konad Iloje Orange Vita Foam Cleansing, because he likes it so much, so sweet of her :)

I'm really happy with everything I got, and we had a wonderfull day! the food was great, the company was awesome and I can't wait to go to the Halloweenparty in October! :)

Robert and Linda, thanx again for all the effort you put into these parties, we really appreciate it!

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