Friday, May 11, 2012

Review: SmartBuyGlasses

A while ago, I have been contacted by SmartBuyGlasses, if I was interested in writing an advertorial for them. Since I don't do advertorials, but only post links and reviews about stuff that I like, I declined. I got an email back, if I was interested to write a blog and post a link in return for some (designer) sunglasses. This way, I could test their products and their website. I thought that was a nice offer, so I agreed. At first they thought I might like to try a Ray Ban aviator, but I'm really not into such sunglasses, so I got to pick one myself.

SmartBuyGlasses is a webshop filled with all kinds of glasses and contactlenses. They also sell a lot of designer sunglasses like Ray-Ban, Carrera and Vogue. They have the most popular sunglasses in stock, but you can order other sunglasses aswell. These will be ordered at the manufacturer and send to you, when they are back in stock. They also have a 3D Try On option, where you can try on the glasses to see how they suit you. I think this is a great option for people like me, who think it's hard to find the right one.
They also give away a free cleaning kit with all the glasses and free shipping!

At first, I ordered these glasses:
I thought these were really cool and different, so I was pretty excited about them. Unfortunately, a little while later, I got an email that these weren't made by the manufacurer anymore. Boo! I did get 3 different offers in the same email though:

  1.  to pick one that was in stock and get a 15% discount, this one would get shipped within 24-48 hours.
  2. pick on of the other glasses and get a 10% discount.
  3. get my money back and get a 10% discount on a new order.
I think this is a great service for something that isn't really their fault. Ofcourse, these didn't really apply for my order, because I got a voucher from them, but still, I think this is a great example of their customer friendly approach.

I'm a bit difficult with sunglasses, I think they don't look good on me and are always wayyyyy too big. But in the end, I went for something safe and I picked these:

The Vogue V02726S.

It took a little while to arrive, but since the postal service has been delayed for a bout 2 weeks lately, I didn't really think any of it. When the package arrived though, I noticed that it came from Hong Kong, so it arrived pretty fast actually :)

I might be weird in this, but I like these 'personal' messages in boxes:
Everything was wrapped neatly and secure in bubble plastic.

The sunglasses came with a free cleaning kit, as told on the site, and it's own case.

The sunglasses with their own Vogue casing and a cleaning towel. The legs of the glasses were neatly wrapped in plastic to avoid scratching.

The free cleaningkit that came with the glasses, consists of lens cleaner, another cleaning towel and a little screwdriver.

And here I am, wearing these awesome sunglasses at the Elf Fantasy Fair:

And going to the market:

I really like these sunglasses, they feel superlight on my nose and the lenses don't distort colours like some cheaper sunglasses might do. They might be a bit big, but they don't look too weird on me :)

I think SmartBuyGlasses is a great webshop, with lots to choose from and great service. Check them out if you're looking for some new (sun) glasses! :)