Thursday, May 3, 2012

Queensday: EOTD, Pics and Haul

Last monday, it was Queensday, a big day for us Dutchies. We dress up in the horrible colour orange, and we sell and/or buy crap to/from eachother. ;)

Anyway, here's my EOTD for Queensday:

Products used:
Sugarpill eyeshadow, Flamepoint
Sugarpill eyeshadow, Bulletproof
Inglot pigment, 86
Barry M kohlpencil black

The sparkles were washed out by the flash, but you can see them a bit on these:

This day asked for a tiara:
Cheeks: Catrice, Unbeleaf'able blush
Lips: Gosh, Romantic lipstick

With my orange primark dress, the black is see through fabric:

In the bus:

Looking for bargains (found one here, see below):

Queensday isn't queensday for us without Wullie's homemade scotthis bread with smoked salmon and homemade dressing:

These two guys played some songs Apocalyptica style, loved it!:

Making faces:

Eating icecream, it was really warm that day:

Stuff we bought:

 cute homemade hairpins:

A necklace, sid bought for me, made with special stones:

From a local alternative store:
All for just a couple of euros :)

From another local store:
It's a really cute green bolero, perfect to keep in my bag in caes it gets windy, or to wear at work when the airco is blowing cold air :)

And this is the only second hand thing we found this time, a REAL leather, high waisted skirt, for 3 euros!

 I think it's a bit long though(over the knee) I think I might take it in to just above the knee :)

 What did you do on Queensday, and did you buy anything?


  1. sooo awesome! i love the look and other pics :)