Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How To: Super Easy Big Hair

I've watched a video on youtube a while ago, and this tutorial seemed like an easy way to create waves. What I didn't think about, was the volume it would give me. I'm not used to volume, hahaha.

Normally, after I wash my hair, I twist my hair in 2 little buns at the back of my head. I then go to bed, or if I was superbusy before, I'll wear them to work. I don't really like the look, but for some reason, I always get compliments on them. :)

Anyway, I tried this tutorial, and I thought maybe other people would like to try it out aswell.

What to do:
-First, you need a sock you dont use anymore, and an elastic band.
-You cut the toes off and start rolling the edge of the remaining part over the rest of the sock, into a donut.
-Wash your hair. I didn't put anything in it, but you could use a mousse or something for extra volume.
-Then you make a ponytail on the top of your head with the elasticband.
-This is what might be a bit tricky if you have a lot of hair. You put the donut around the ponytail and the end of your hair. You twist the ends around it, and then you start rolling the donut down, with your hair around it. Try to even the hair around the donut a bit. You will end up with a big bun on your head.

This is the result:

You won't need any pins or something like that, it will stay where it is!

You could also use this to create a big bun, that looks like it has lots of hair. But if you wear it like a bun outside, you should really try to get the hair evenly around the donut and put stray hairs into the bun. It'll look much more pretty that way.

Since, I was going to sleep with this bun, it didn't really matter. ;)

The nice thing about this bun, is that you won't feel it while you're sleeping, because you're not laying on top of it. I usually have two buns at the back of my head, against my neck, and you really feel those when you put your head on your pillow.

This is what it looked like after a full nights sleep:
  Still in place, and some stray hairs that dried up and were to short to be kept in the bun.

When I unrolled the bun, this is what my ponytail looked like:

And when I got the elastic band out of my hair, it looked like this:
Lots and lots of volume!
I'm pretty sure, you can create even more volume, if you apply a mousse or something before you put the bun in.

This is not really a good way for me though, because I don't really like the volume on top of my head, I rather have more waves. But if you have a lot of hair of longer hair, this might be perfect for you :) Then again, not everyone wants a lot of waves, so with shorter hair you could still use it for the volume.
For now, I'll stick with my two buns at night. But if I ever need some volume for a nice hairdo, I'll definately try this bun again!


  1. Woah! Texas style big hair! Hahaha cool :D :D

    1. hahah yeah, it kinda creeped me out when I looked in the mirror, lol!

  2. ik gebruik echt supervaak een donut maar die rollende manier, echt, ik krijg het maar niet voor elkaar. ik klap mn haar eromheen en dan draai ik de rest er horizontaal omheen zegmaar.

    1. je draait de punten eromheen, en dan draai je eigenlijk elke keer je donut binnenstebuiten, zo rolt hij om je haar heen.(let op dat je de juiste kant boven hebt vd donut!)