Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Kitty!

Today, it's Freya's  birthday!  (picture heavy post!)

It's been a year and two days since we lost our beautiful, sweet Greebo :( , I still miss her and I still can't look at her pics without crying. But today, is a festive day, it's been exactly a year, that Freya was born, and I want to dedicate this post to that wondrous event.

 Seconds after Freya was born:

She was this weird little golden thing, that didn't match any of her (previous) brothers or sisters:

Sid fell in love with her instantly:

I had my reservations, so shortly after Greebo, but she was cute as hell:

She looked different every day:

First steps:

She still had blue eyes here, never could we have imagined that she would get Siamese eyes:


With her mom (she is wayyyyy bigger than her nowadays):

Already making faces at us:

You stole my heart:

Her eyes actually reflect red now, not yellow like our other cats(and not because of the flash like here):

She has such an attitude:

Finding weird spots to chill:

Looking more and more like a Siamese:

She LOVES gaming:

She DOESN'T love vets, surgery, and cones of shame:

Attitude much?

This is what I saw, when I turned my head...

A little less scary:

Look how big she has gotten:

Sitting behing the laptop with me, she loves looking at it:

Freya has always been a very active kitten, who had no time for cuddles. Every sound, of even seeing her own tail, made her jump up and run off again. But after her surgery, she relaxed more and more, and now, being a year old, she finally can give in a bit to relaxing and cuddling and purring. Maybe in a couple of months, she will be just as cuddly as Loki :)

But she will always have this attitude.... :)  :


  1. wat is het toch een poepje :3
    happy bday kattepoes!

  2. wat een schatjeee, happy bday!

  3. She is so beautiful! I love the pattern on her tail. :)