Tuesday, May 29, 2012

EOTD: Gosh Greens

I haven't been online much, but it's finally looking like it might be summer, and I've promised myself to soak up as much of it as I can. Last year we didn't really have a great summer, so I want to cherish every sunny day I can get. It seems this nice weather might be gone already around here, because they say the temperature will drop to a mere 16 degrees the next days :(  We'll see if it will get better, but at least I've enjoyed the days that have been nice :)
I love the summer, so It might happen more often that I don't post that much, but I'll try to update from time to time :)

A few weeks ago, we had arranged a surprise dinner for my sister in laws birthday. We went to a really cute and tiny chinese restaurant, with amazing food. We had a lot of fun and ate a lot :)

Products used:
Gosh, Effect Powder, Emerald
Gosh, Effect Powder, Apple Jam
Scaredy Cat Cosmetics, Keltoi
Scaredy Cat Cosmetics, Caledonia
Barry M, Kohlpencil, Black
Essence, Liquid Ink, Black

I've always loved the colour green, and every once in a while I just HAVE to do a green EOTD :)

The kohlpencil is mostly gone here, the pics were made after the dinner. My eyes don't really like things on their waterline, so it starts to dissapear in the outer eye corner and eventually it's all gone.

I love the way these greens shine when the lights hit them.

 And the look of that day:

I have some Unbeleafáble Blush by Catrice on my cheeks, and Sleek Cherry lipstick on my lips.
Look at that necklace, don't you just love it? I usually wear simple pendants, but I really like the intricate design of this one.


  1. What a beautiful combination of greens! It was wonderful!
    I love your blog and I'm always here.