Friday, May 18, 2012

EOTD: Gold and Brown

For this EOTD, I decided to try a combination of gold and browns. The lighting for the pictures was a bit wonky though, not sure why. I also used a different eyeshadowbase for this one, the Lime Crime eyeshadow helper.

Products used:

Sugarpill, Loose Powder, Goldilux
Inglot, Pearl 423
Sleek, Oh So Special palette, Gift Basket
Sleek, Oh So Special palette, Bow
Sleek, Oh So Special palette, Celebrate
Essence, Liquid Ink, Eyeliner

Look at the difference in colour, this was supposed to be in where IS the light? *frowns*

I think the eyeshadow helper didn't really help stick Goldilux to my eye, but then again, I only saw these 'bald' spots on te pictures, not in real life. Might be a weird reflection or something.

 I really like this combination of colours, it gives a neutral brown look something special :)

With Sleek lipstick Cherry on my lips, one of my favourites! and some Catrice blush Unbeleaf'able on m cheeks.

And an outfit pic:
Look at that cute skirt! My collegue just gave this one to me, because she never wore it and thought it was something that suited me. So sweet of her!

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