Wednesday, May 16, 2012

EOTD: From Monaco to Curacao

I decided to do a look with some palettes that I really don't use enough and just see where I would end up.

I used Sleek's Monaco and Sleek's Curacao palettes for this EOTD.

Colours used:
Monaco, Summer Breeze
Monaco, Aquamarine
Monaco, Hummigbird
Monaco, Lotus Flower
Monaco, Bamboo
Monaco, Espresso Martini
Curacao, Purple Haze

I absolutely ADORE the colour Hummingbird, it gives this beautiful golden shine over that light's gorgeous!

 I will always love the combination of purple and turquoise and this is definately a new favourite version of that combo.

With some Wild Rose by Catrice on my cheecks, and The Soft Touch by Gosh on my lips:


  1. Lijkt wel een klein beetje op m'n recente tutorial (^_^) Toffe look! Lekker zomers!

    1. seriously? great minds.... ;)
      Ja met dat suffe weer hou ik wel van wat vrolijke kleurtjes :)