Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Elf Fantasy Fair Haul

I wanted to post this blog earlier, but we had trouble with our modem, so it took me a little while longer.

This time, we mostly bought jewelry,weirdly enough, that wasn't really what we were looking for, it just sort of happened :)

Sid's stuff:

 An Alchemy necklace Sid has had on his wishlist for ages, and it was on sale for just a couple of euros.

 A raven necklace. He already has one by Alchemy, but he Liked this one a lot aswell.

 We picked these up from someone who made them from something that can take a beating. Apparantly her son was really into skulls and such, but since he was just a kid, he tended to break things. I like that they are handmade, and were cheap, hahaha. The left one is Sids, the one on the right is mine.

The same woman made thise one, but this is made from pewter. I talked Sid into this one, I really loved it!

More tarotdecks for Sids collection. The one on the right is an LE and is a see through deck!

 Apparantly, we couldn't go with Dr Who's, whitout picking up the Dr's sonic screwdriver.

2 books and a dvd, we both like Terry Pratchett a lot, and the middle one is for a steampunkstyle series that we got from a friend.

My stuff:
 Venetian Mask earrings. Not sure if I'll wear them as earrings or make them into pendants, but I just had to have these :)

 Really really really love this one. Already saw it as Castlefest and was not too happy that I didn't take it with me. It's perfect for V shaped necklines.

A simple but cute dress with lots of buttons by Hell Bunny. I think this will look really cool with my military style bolero.

And all from the same shop:
 I just love these kind of pendants, too bad the one with the heart(printed like the one on the left) was sold out, but I'll get it some other time. I already have one like the ones on the left, but these are different colours and sized cameos.

Then I found something that I have wanted for quite some time, but it was not cheap. BUt we fund out, that if you bought for a certain amount, you got this one for free:

So I decided that in the end, it was not THAT expensive (really wasn't anyway), and bought it:

 Lots of people probably think this is weird, but I absolutely LOVE it.

It's a real mouse skull set on a cameo, and because it's a real skull, it's a one of a kind piece. I love those.

I do have to be careful with it though, because, even though it's cast in raisin, the sides are still pretty fragile. It even still has its teeth.

 I wasn't sure if I'd buy it at first, because it's a bit fragile, but Sid talked me into it. He knows I've been looking at pieces like this online for quite some time, and here it was, up for grabs. He knew I would regeret it later, if I didn't buy it. I'm really glad I have it now, and even though it's not a piece I can wear every day, it will still be one of my most treasured pieces.

We also bought some things for Merlijn, but I totally forgot to make pics of those, oops!


  1. Leuke aankoopjes :) Zo'n zakhorloge staat ook nog op mijn wishlist en die V-ketting is mooi! Eens kijken of ik in september naar de EFF kan en anders volgend jaar weer eens gaan :) Is altijd superleuk!

  2. Super leuke aankoopjes! Ik ga in September weer samen met mijn vriend, hopelijk hebben ze dan ook zulke leuke stuffies ;)