Monday, May 14, 2012

Ebay Haul

This is actually my I-Was-Bored-To-Death-At-Home-With-The-Stomachflu-So-I-Got-On-Ebay-Haul.
I scored all of the jewelry for just a couple of euros :)

This was over a month ago, but just recently, the latest package arrived. It took some time, but at least it got here!

Big fly ring, it came in broken though, emailed them about it. Might make a hairclip out of this one.

 This was all stuffed in a tiny envelope, hahaha.

Peacock, and I need to explain?

A pink peacock, well, I didn't have one of those yet, I thought this was awesome!

This was actually filling, to empty my paypal, it's weird how cheap jewelry is on ebay. I do think it's cute though, not sure yet about the stones.

For some reason, the pictures of the two below, dissapeared of my cam:
 Awesome birdskull ring!, It was super tuny though, tried to cut it to make it bigger for my fingers, but even with my childsize fingers, the gap became too big. So now it;s a ring for my pinky :)

I thought this would be small, and I have really small wrists, but this one was HUGE on me. I gave it to a collegue of mine :)

 Clips for extensions and other hairstuff.

This was supposed to be the necklac for my Red Riding Hood outfit, but it took over a month to arrive. It's now Sids, we both love wolves :)

I was really happy to get these two for a lot less than they are on stores:
 A red Vive Maria top, never seen this one before. I love red, and combined with black it's a perfect match for me. It's simple, but with enough details, to make it cute.

I adore this one! Never seen this model before either, proclaimed to be a limited edition, not sure if that's true though. I love the different fabrics and the neckline. I think this is a very nice addition to my Vive Maria / Pussy Deluxe collection! :)

So that's what you can do with a small amount of money on ebay if you're bored ;)
I'll post a Fashion haul soon: I've been to Primark again with a collegue and bought some stuff at work and such.

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  1. Ik wist niet dat je die clipjes ook gewoon op ebay kon bestellen! Maar eens doen. Ik heb mn extensions geverfd en toen zijn ze stuk gegaan. Leuke aankoopjes! Ik vind de armband met camee het leukste, jammer dat hij jou niet paste.