Thursday, May 31, 2012

EOTD & Outfit: Peacock Eyes

This is once again an EOTD inspired by peacockfeathers. I have this gorgeous peacockfeather maxi dress that I finally got to wear last weekend! I wanted to do a look that matched the design of the dress.

Products used:
Sugarpill, Loose eyeshadow, Absinthe
Sugarpill, Loose eyeshadow, Darling
Sugarpill, Loose eyeshadow, Royal Sugar
Gosh, Velvet Touch Eyeliner, Pretty Petrol

It's such a shame that you can't see the glittery hotness that is Royal Sugar. Everytime I saw myself in the mirror, I just saw this gorgeous glittery blue around my eyes. It's so awesome as an eyeliner! (I applied it on top of Pretty Petrol below my eyes, stays in place better this way.)


I only had some Unbeleaf'able blush by Catrice on my cheeks, and Gosh' Soft n Shine Perfect Plum on my lips.

And some instagram pics of my peacockdress:

I wore really simple wedges with black elastic bands on them, a uniquely made leather bracelet, hairflowers and my Vogue sunglasses.

What made this look even more fun, is that Wendi did a look that looked a lot like mine on the exact same day! Great minds and all that ;) So check her look at Makeup Zombie.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How To: Super Easy Big Hair

I've watched a video on youtube a while ago, and this tutorial seemed like an easy way to create waves. What I didn't think about, was the volume it would give me. I'm not used to volume, hahaha.

Normally, after I wash my hair, I twist my hair in 2 little buns at the back of my head. I then go to bed, or if I was superbusy before, I'll wear them to work. I don't really like the look, but for some reason, I always get compliments on them. :)

Anyway, I tried this tutorial, and I thought maybe other people would like to try it out aswell.

What to do:
-First, you need a sock you dont use anymore, and an elastic band.
-You cut the toes off and start rolling the edge of the remaining part over the rest of the sock, into a donut.
-Wash your hair. I didn't put anything in it, but you could use a mousse or something for extra volume.
-Then you make a ponytail on the top of your head with the elasticband.
-This is what might be a bit tricky if you have a lot of hair. You put the donut around the ponytail and the end of your hair. You twist the ends around it, and then you start rolling the donut down, with your hair around it. Try to even the hair around the donut a bit. You will end up with a big bun on your head.

This is the result:

You won't need any pins or something like that, it will stay where it is!

You could also use this to create a big bun, that looks like it has lots of hair. But if you wear it like a bun outside, you should really try to get the hair evenly around the donut and put stray hairs into the bun. It'll look much more pretty that way.

Since, I was going to sleep with this bun, it didn't really matter. ;)

The nice thing about this bun, is that you won't feel it while you're sleeping, because you're not laying on top of it. I usually have two buns at the back of my head, against my neck, and you really feel those when you put your head on your pillow.

This is what it looked like after a full nights sleep:
  Still in place, and some stray hairs that dried up and were to short to be kept in the bun.

When I unrolled the bun, this is what my ponytail looked like:

And when I got the elastic band out of my hair, it looked like this:
Lots and lots of volume!
I'm pretty sure, you can create even more volume, if you apply a mousse or something before you put the bun in.

This is not really a good way for me though, because I don't really like the volume on top of my head, I rather have more waves. But if you have a lot of hair of longer hair, this might be perfect for you :) Then again, not everyone wants a lot of waves, so with shorter hair you could still use it for the volume.
For now, I'll stick with my two buns at night. But if I ever need some volume for a nice hairdo, I'll definately try this bun again!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

EOTD: Gosh Greens

I haven't been online much, but it's finally looking like it might be summer, and I've promised myself to soak up as much of it as I can. Last year we didn't really have a great summer, so I want to cherish every sunny day I can get. It seems this nice weather might be gone already around here, because they say the temperature will drop to a mere 16 degrees the next days :(  We'll see if it will get better, but at least I've enjoyed the days that have been nice :)
I love the summer, so It might happen more often that I don't post that much, but I'll try to update from time to time :)

A few weeks ago, we had arranged a surprise dinner for my sister in laws birthday. We went to a really cute and tiny chinese restaurant, with amazing food. We had a lot of fun and ate a lot :)

Products used:
Gosh, Effect Powder, Emerald
Gosh, Effect Powder, Apple Jam
Scaredy Cat Cosmetics, Keltoi
Scaredy Cat Cosmetics, Caledonia
Barry M, Kohlpencil, Black
Essence, Liquid Ink, Black

I've always loved the colour green, and every once in a while I just HAVE to do a green EOTD :)

The kohlpencil is mostly gone here, the pics were made after the dinner. My eyes don't really like things on their waterline, so it starts to dissapear in the outer eye corner and eventually it's all gone.

I love the way these greens shine when the lights hit them.

 And the look of that day:

I have some Unbeleafáble Blush by Catrice on my cheeks, and Sleek Cherry lipstick on my lips.
Look at that necklace, don't you just love it? I usually wear simple pendants, but I really like the intricate design of this one.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Simple MothersDay look + Gifts

This is such a simple look, that I didn't really bother to make closeup pics of my eyes.
I just wanted to show off my cardigan and my awesome necklace.


Essence, Liquid Ink, Eyeliner
Catrice, lipstick (LE), Colourbomb
Catrice, blush (LE), Colourbomb

Look at that necklace! It looks like it's lace, made from silver. I absolutely adore it :)

I'm also wearing that cardigan, that I've already showed you in the shoplog (primark).

I added some cute bows to my hair as a finishing touch:

And here's a picture of my Mother(inlaws)Day gift:

Since she's really into cooking lately, I decided to make her this. I actually wanted to do more with it, but decided agaisnt the idea: I really wanted her to be able to wash it properly after cooking. So I kept it pretty simple with some beige cotton, some black lace, and some oldschool embroidered cotton lace. There are quite some layers of beige and black lace on there, but you can't really tell from a distance.
She was really happy with it, so I was happy aswell :)

I don't have any pictures yet of my MothersDay gift for my mom, because we decided to take her to a big indoor butterfly garden in the neighbourhood. So we have to pick a date for that one, and I'll definately make pics then :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

EOTD: Gold and Brown

For this EOTD, I decided to try a combination of gold and browns. The lighting for the pictures was a bit wonky though, not sure why. I also used a different eyeshadowbase for this one, the Lime Crime eyeshadow helper.

Products used:

Sugarpill, Loose Powder, Goldilux
Inglot, Pearl 423
Sleek, Oh So Special palette, Gift Basket
Sleek, Oh So Special palette, Bow
Sleek, Oh So Special palette, Celebrate
Essence, Liquid Ink, Eyeliner

Look at the difference in colour, this was supposed to be in where IS the light? *frowns*

I think the eyeshadow helper didn't really help stick Goldilux to my eye, but then again, I only saw these 'bald' spots on te pictures, not in real life. Might be a weird reflection or something.

 I really like this combination of colours, it gives a neutral brown look something special :)

With Sleek lipstick Cherry on my lips, one of my favourites! and some Catrice blush Unbeleaf'able on m cheeks.

And an outfit pic:
Look at that cute skirt! My collegue just gave this one to me, because she never wore it and thought it was something that suited me. So sweet of her!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Latest Fashion Haul

Here it is again, my latest fashion haul. Most came from another trip to Primark with my collegue, and (with a big discount) from the store where I work. Also, at the bottom, there's something that's been on my wishlist for quite a while, and now it's mine!

Don't mind the cathairs you see, every time I put something on the floor, the cats race over to it and roll around on top of it. You never see them do that when I WANT to capture them on cam. Lol.

Anyway, on to the pics..

All from Primark:

These three were all on sale and around 3 euros each:

 A really cute cardigan with a low front, so you can still show your top underneath. I absolutely adore this one. It's a bit puffy at the top of the sleeves and the colour is a really nice mix between bordeauxred and darkviolet.

 I thought this one was kinda cute, and I liked the colours and print on it. I'm probably going to add some straps though, I don't like strapless clothing.

I think this one is really funny, and as a catlover, I can definately appreciate it.

Normal collection:
I was a bit in doubt over this one, but in the end, decided it was only 9 euros and I'd probably regret it, if I didn't take it home with me. It's a light coloured dress, which resembles white when you pour tea over it. No idea how I should describe it otherwise, hahah. It also -really- shows off my hourglass shape.

 Close up of the fabric....guess why I wanted to have it? ;)

 Simple top..which is actually a dark purple...

I always have a hard time finding shoes, especially shoes for summer. I have really small(width) feet, and I can't wear pumps or ballerinas without straps. Also, if theres a too big peeptoe, my whole foot tries to crawl through it. So I was really sursprised when I found summershoes at Primark that fit!
 Simple slingback wedges. I already own some, but these wedges are a bit smaller at the back, which will walk much more comfortable. Also, I didn't have any white ones yet. I had to get a size 36 instead of 37 on these, because the slingback would just fall off my heel.

 I think these will come in handy for work and long walks. I had to get a 38 on these though *frowns*. Too bad, because in my own size, they had like all the colours of the rainbow, and they were only 4 euros a pair!

I like to sleep in things like these. Especially this one will be great for summer, because it's made from a really light fabric that will stay cool to the touch in warm weather.

All from Takko:

 Vintage style Tweety longshirt, I like to wear shirts with prints :)

BRIGHT pink skinny jeans, no idea what my camera did to the colour here :(

I'm a very pale girl, always have been, so I couldn't really wear pale colours, especially not white. But, recently, I found out, that white doesn't make me look sickly pale anymore.
I'm not sure if it's the fact that my red roots give some more warmth to my face, or it's because I finally know how to apply blush to my face, without looking like a ...well..let's use the word clown ;)
Anyway, when I found out, I immediately took advantage of that knowledge:

 Simple white top, with a cute border and little buttons.

 I love the print on this one, butterflies always remind me of my mom :)

 I LOVE this top, it has some really cute embroidery around the neckline and the front. It also has really cute cap sleeves and a high collar. this was the first thing I grabbed, to try on in white. I think this will look fabulous with a vest, a corset, or with a highwaisted skirt.

Some basics, mostly for work outfits:

Once again, a really nice purple, that shows up blue? And a one sleeved longtop/dress

From the market:
A simple black jacket with half length sleeves. I think this will be really nice to have in the summer evenings, of when it's not as warm out as I would like it to be.

Bought Online:
This is what I bought most recently, it actually came in, only 2 days ago. It has been on my wishlist for quite some time, but I never thought I could get away with the colour. But since I DO get away with it now, it's finally MINE!

 Maxi dress by Pussy Deluxe, with a peacock on the fron, and a really cute rose border at the bottom.
It's a bit too long, but I think I can take it in and still save the border at the bottom. I really don't want to have to wear high heeels in the summer with a dress like this. Way to uncomfortable, rather walk barefoot or something like that :)
Really really REALLY happy with this one. Now bring on the sun!