Thursday, April 12, 2012

NOTD: A Walk in the Park

Let me start by saying: Happy Birthday!!!!, because it's my brothers birthday today! I hope you're having a wonderfull day! :)

This is a NOTD with one of the colour3 polishes by Essence.
 A Walk In the Park is a nice green with a teeny tiny sparkle in it. The topcoat that goes with it, is called Stop for an Icecream. This topcoat is a milky substance filled with tiny glitters.

Since there was no sun when I made these pics, I tried to capture the sparklies with different lighting. This was the best I could do, yes, I'm a bad photographer, sue me.

Don't look at the nail on the left, I bumped it. You looked, didn't you? :P

I think this is a fun combination of colours and the topcoat really gives the green something extra. The polishes both apply very easy, but the topcoat didn't dry as fast as I'm used to.
All in all, I think this is a nice polish for this amount of money. It costs only 2,79 euros ad you can ofcourse combine topcoats and polishes if you have more than just one :)

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