Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cirque du Soleil

As I've told you yesterday, we went to see the show Corteo last sunday. It was a great show, and we had a wonderfull time.

 On our way...

Almost there!

 Outside the tent, waiting for it to open it's 'doors'.

Front row, right next to the catwalk and in front of the stage, yeah baby!

 Right art of the revolving stage and  the painted curtains. There was a catwalk behind them, and they used lighting to make it look like people were flying behind it.

We weren't really allowed to make pics in The Grand Chapiteau(tent), oops, so I didn't make any of the show. We did buy the program which has some beautiful pics in it.

The show Corteo is about an old clown that is on his dyingbed, being visited by angels, and looks back on his life through circusacts. The subject is a tiny bit gloomy, but the show had a lot of humour in it.
 This was amazing, there were actually 3 chandeliers, with girls doing incredible things without any safety net or rigs.
 This act was done by a different artist than you see on the pic, but it was really cool. There was a whole rig of ropes and heavy locks to move her around and up in the air.

 Always love these kind of acts, at one point she was hanging on just one foot.

This was a funny and cute act, they send her fluing above the audience, and every time she dropped a bit, the audience had to push her up and back to the stage.

 Another incredible act, there was this big net underneath that other people used to 'fly' by really fast with acrobatic moves in flowy costumes, there were no pics of those in the program though.

 The clown saying his goodbyes to his friends.

 We bought the program and the cd, if you bought them at once, you got a discount. Funny thing, we already had the dvd, but hadn't watched it yet.

 Our souvenir. Not many may know that I sort of collect handmade Venetian masks. How do you sort of collect? Well, I've always loved Venetian masks, and when I was in Venice many many years ago, I bought a beautifull handmade catmask. I'm not collecting them very active, but through the years, they seem to find me. A friend brought one home for me from Venice, I picked on up for a costume once, which has ended up on my wall, and now I have a new addition. I do still regret not buying the one I found online once that was made purely of black lace. But when I come across one like that again, it will certainly be added to my collection.

Anyway, they sell a lot of merchandis at Cirque du Soleil, and they also sold 4 different mini masks that were all handmade in Italy. This one really gave off that Venetian vibe, and I went over them all, to pick out the most beautiful one. Even though my masks are handmade, I always try to find the ones that are more symmetrical.

 I really liked Corteo, but it was really different from Totem. Corteo went a bit back to the basics of circus acts, and had a bit more of a storyline. Where as Totem was really colourfull with the makeup and costumes and had whole new kinds of acts. Sid really loved the music of Corteo and I agree, but I still liked the music of Totem more He liked Corteo more than Totem, but Totem is still my favourite, I liked the act and its colourfulness more, it had a different kind of energy. And ofcourse the fact that it was a lot more colourfull and with more interesting costumes. I love costumes ;)

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