Friday, April 27, 2012

Elf Fantasy Fair Pictures (and EOTD)

Last sunday, we went to the Elf Fantasy Fair at Haarzuilens. As always, I made a costume, but since I didn't have a lot of time to make one, I decided to go for something simple and practical.
In the end, I only had 2 days to do everything, and considering I did half by hand, it turned out pretty good.

Checking if we have our tickets and other important stuff with us:

Putting on my corset. The weather was supposed to be very cold and rainy, so I decided to wear a sweater. It made the corset look a bit bulky, but at least I wasn't feeling like a popsicle:

My nephew (the Tenth Dr Who), My sister in law(Weeping Angel), My stepson (The Eleventh Dr Who), Me (Red Riding Hood), My husband(wolf/vampirehunter)

Don't. Blink. :

2 Dr Who's:

Sid really likes this pic, I don't, hahaha, at least the leather hood kept the rain away partially:

Because Fezzes are cool:

Got this one from a photographer:
 I only made the skirt and bolero with hood, from red fake leather and red satin lining.

Our little family (,from a photographer aswell):

Mead and food:

Curly chips:

Another Dr who:
It was so much fun to see how many people recognized Merlijn. People were yelling ''fezzes are cool'' and ''bowties are cool'' all day long. People were also running after him, asking if they could be on a picture with him.

Can you tell we were tired?:

Sid and me:

My sister in law and me, zoolander!:

Us again:

Merlijn and his grandfather:

Me at ''grandmothers house'':

I had no time to try out some makeuplooks this time, so I decided to go for something simple. But, not being a morningperson and getting ready with 3 people wayyyy to early on a day off, made me forget to take pictures of my look.
So here are some after all the rain and wind, which caused the glitter to dissapear almost entirely and you can even see some base shining through now. The black on my waterline is almost gone aswell. Yeah, I didn't really make it waterproof, oops.

Products used:
Sugarpill, Stella
Sugarpill, Love +
Sugarpill, Tako
Nameless sparkles from my stash
Essence eyeliner, black
Gosh, Black Ink eyeliner
Eyelure, Katy Perry, Oh Honey eyelashes ( I love these!)

 Some of the last sparkles to be seen.

For my face I used some Sleek Fenberry blush and Lime Crime's, Candy Apple lipgloss.

Thursday, April 26, 2012


I've been superbusy lately and I've been having probems with our modem.
I have an appointment with a mechanic, but it's not even scheduled for next week, so I'll just have to hope I can still blog untill then.
Our modem is having a problem they have never heard of before, so I'm interested to see what the hell is wrong with it.
I'll try and post a blog with Elf Fantasy Fair pics tomorrow, and we'll see if I can go on blogging after that.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

EOTD: Jungle Fever

I still had to try my Jungle Fever eyeshadow by Essence, so I decided to pair it with some Aquarelle Duo Chalks by Catrice.

 Sorry, for some reason the pictures from the front were all blurry, so I added a smaller version. This way, you can still see the colours a bit. :)

Products used:
Essence, Colour and Shine Eyeshadow, Jungle Fever
Catrice, Aquarelle Duo Chalks (LE), Boys are Back (both colours)
Catrice, Aquarelle Duo Chalks (LE), Love Me Gender (both colours)
Gosh, Velvet Touch Eyeliner, Metallic Brass

With some Sleek, Fenberry in my cheeks, and Maybelline's Pleasure Me Red on my lips:

These duo chalks really blend well with eachother and other eyeshadows, I also like the soft look they create. But for me, it definately needs a bit of dark with some eyeliner and bold lips.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

NOTD: Miss Money Penny

This is a NOTD with one of the Catrice Millions Styles Effect Top Coats, Miss Money Penny.

I applied it over a black base, and as you can see on the pictures below, it gave the nails a golden shine.


In sunlight:

In direct sunlight, the topcoat also had beautiful golden and orange sparkles.

I think I'm going to try this out with a red base aswell, or maybe green, I'm curious to see what happens then :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

NOTD: Blue/Silver Crackle

This is a NOTD with the Blue crackle polish 'Crack Me! Blue' by Essence.
 I applied it on top of China Glazes 'Cheers to You'.

 I really like this blue crackle: it's filled with shimmer and the kind of blue that I like to wear.
But as you can see, this crackle really shrinks away from the cuticles and even takes the polish underneath, with it.

This crackle takes a while to strat crackling and because it needs to be applied pretty think, on some parts it doesn't really crackle at all.

It's a shame that this crackle polish shrinks, but I still got compliments on my nails anyway :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Simple EOTD with Inglot eyeshadows

This is an EOTD from before my stomachflu, but since I only used one of my Inglot palettes, it's not hard to remember what colours I used. :)

This is a very simple EOTD, but I really like it anyway. I might try it again with some eyeliner added to it.

Product used:
AMC Shine 45 , AMC Shine 44 and Pearl 423

I simply used the same order of colours of the palette from inner eye corner to outer V. Then I applied a bit more of the green above the crease to make it a bit less dark. Below the eyes, I applied the yellow(?) and brown colour again instead of eyeliner.

I like the way these colours go together, and especially the brown. It's a brown that I didn't really have in my stash yet, and I'm really glad I bought it. I might try and combine it with my Sleek Oh So Special palette soon, I think that could look really beautiful aswell.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

NOTD: A Walk in the Park

Let me start by saying: Happy Birthday!!!!, because it's my brothers birthday today! I hope you're having a wonderfull day! :)

This is a NOTD with one of the colour3 polishes by Essence.
 A Walk In the Park is a nice green with a teeny tiny sparkle in it. The topcoat that goes with it, is called Stop for an Icecream. This topcoat is a milky substance filled with tiny glitters.

Since there was no sun when I made these pics, I tried to capture the sparklies with different lighting. This was the best I could do, yes, I'm a bad photographer, sue me.

Don't look at the nail on the left, I bumped it. You looked, didn't you? :P

I think this is a fun combination of colours and the topcoat really gives the green something extra. The polishes both apply very easy, but the topcoat didn't dry as fast as I'm used to.
All in all, I think this is a nice polish for this amount of money. It costs only 2,79 euros ad you can ofcourse combine topcoats and polishes if you have more than just one :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Cirque du Soleil

As I've told you yesterday, we went to see the show Corteo last sunday. It was a great show, and we had a wonderfull time.

 On our way...

Almost there!

 Outside the tent, waiting for it to open it's 'doors'.

Front row, right next to the catwalk and in front of the stage, yeah baby!

 Right art of the revolving stage and  the painted curtains. There was a catwalk behind them, and they used lighting to make it look like people were flying behind it.

We weren't really allowed to make pics in The Grand Chapiteau(tent), oops, so I didn't make any of the show. We did buy the program which has some beautiful pics in it.

The show Corteo is about an old clown that is on his dyingbed, being visited by angels, and looks back on his life through circusacts. The subject is a tiny bit gloomy, but the show had a lot of humour in it.
 This was amazing, there were actually 3 chandeliers, with girls doing incredible things without any safety net or rigs.
 This act was done by a different artist than you see on the pic, but it was really cool. There was a whole rig of ropes and heavy locks to move her around and up in the air.

 Always love these kind of acts, at one point she was hanging on just one foot.

This was a funny and cute act, they send her fluing above the audience, and every time she dropped a bit, the audience had to push her up and back to the stage.

 Another incredible act, there was this big net underneath that other people used to 'fly' by really fast with acrobatic moves in flowy costumes, there were no pics of those in the program though.

 The clown saying his goodbyes to his friends.

 We bought the program and the cd, if you bought them at once, you got a discount. Funny thing, we already had the dvd, but hadn't watched it yet.

 Our souvenir. Not many may know that I sort of collect handmade Venetian masks. How do you sort of collect? Well, I've always loved Venetian masks, and when I was in Venice many many years ago, I bought a beautifull handmade catmask. I'm not collecting them very active, but through the years, they seem to find me. A friend brought one home for me from Venice, I picked on up for a costume once, which has ended up on my wall, and now I have a new addition. I do still regret not buying the one I found online once that was made purely of black lace. But when I come across one like that again, it will certainly be added to my collection.

Anyway, they sell a lot of merchandis at Cirque du Soleil, and they also sold 4 different mini masks that were all handmade in Italy. This one really gave off that Venetian vibe, and I went over them all, to pick out the most beautiful one. Even though my masks are handmade, I always try to find the ones that are more symmetrical.

 I really liked Corteo, but it was really different from Totem. Corteo went a bit back to the basics of circus acts, and had a bit more of a storyline. Where as Totem was really colourfull with the makeup and costumes and had whole new kinds of acts. Sid really loved the music of Corteo and I agree, but I still liked the music of Totem more He liked Corteo more than Totem, but Totem is still my favourite, I liked the act and its colourfulness more, it had a different kind of energy. And ofcourse the fact that it was a lot more colourfull and with more interesting costumes. I love costumes ;)