Monday, March 26, 2012

NOTD: Godfather of Pearl

This is one of the Limited Edition Topcoats by Catrice, Godfather of Pearl. This one is from the Million Styles Effects.
I used this one on top of Rimmel's Black Out, which is a nice shiney black nailpolish.

I tried to capture the duochrome effect, so I made pictures at different angles with different light.

In the bottle, it's just a clear/milky polish filled with blue and gold glitters. When the light catches it, it has a mostly blue shine and some purple around the edges.

 On top of a black polish, it turns into a mostly blue glittery polish, that turns to purple on the edges when it catches the light.

 See the difference in colour? It's much more noticable in real life, I love it!

This is a limited edition polish, so try to grab a bottle of this one while you can!

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