Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Inglot Haul

As I've told you yesterday, when hubs found out there was a sale at Inglot, he told me we should go and buy some. I didn't even have a wishlist, but since the second item was at a 50% discount, I just went to see if something caught my eye.
I've already got 2 concealers and 2 pigments by Inglot and I like them a lot. But the eyeshadows never really caught my eye, because there are a lot of mattes in their collection, and I'm not a fan of mattes.
So while I was browsing through the pigments, hubs was looking and the eyeshadows and told me to get some. Yes, I have a husband who tells me to buy makeup! hahaha.

Sid has a pretty good eye for colour, being an artist, so I trust his judgement.
In the end, I bought 2 freedompalettes of 3 eyeshadows a piece. Sid picked all of them except the green and brown eyeshadow, those were the ones that caught my eye and -needed- to be in the palettes. Sid liked the mattes, but I told them I wouldn't wear them anyway, so we ended up with mostly sparkly stuff :)

Everything is packed individually, and you can arrange the palettes exactly the way you like it. It's a nice system. The lids can be taken off entirely, or just pushed aside, because of the magnets. The palettes can be stacked on top of eachother as well.

This is what mine look like, after I put everything together:

 AMC Shine 45 , AMC Shine 44 and Pearl 423

I really liked the green one, which had a lot of (gold) sparkle, even from a distance, the brown caught my eye because it was one that I didn't really have yet. I used to wear a lot of browns years ago, and the last few years I've kind of forgotten about this colour. I seriously need to get some new browns :)
Sid picked the lightest yellowish colour, it had some nice sparkles and I don't own a lot of light colours like this yet, so I thought this was a good choice.

AMC Shine 39, AMC Shine 22, D.S. 491

Sid liked a lot of the pink/purple colours and in the end he chose these 3. They are all pretty sparkly and the kind of pink/purples that I like to use.

I'm excited to try these out, and to see what eyeshadowbase works best with them.
Do you have any Inglot eyeshadows that you recommend? And do you ever let your partner pick out makeup for you?


  1. do u know, i have no inglot in my collection? what a sin lol

    i really like that trio with the green color. gorgeous!

    1. I havent tried them out yet, being at home with a stomachflu doesnt really make me want to play with makeup. ;)
      But as far as I can tell, they have a great pigmentation and lots of people seem to be fans.

  2. Wauw! Prachtige kleuren heb je gekocht zeg! Heel veel plezier ermee. :)

    1. Daar kan ik mn man voor bedanken en dank je wel :)