Friday, March 16, 2012

Haul: Recent Buys (makeup & fashion)

Here's the latest stuff I bought, except the clothes I bought at Primark a few weeks ago, those will be up on monday. I keep forgetting to post them. oops.

When the first came out, I immediately bought them all, except the red/orange one. That one, just didn't appeal to me.
From left to right:
Boys are Back in Town - It's Just a Little Crush
Ticket to the Show - Front Row or Backstage?
Midnight Date - City that Never Sleeps
A Walk in the Park - Stop for an Ice Cream
Shopping Trip in Soho - Party All Night Long

The picture isn't really doing the colours justice, but since I've almost swatched them all, you'll see a blog devoted to each one, soon enough.

 I've been hoping for a nice purple baked eyeshadow by Essence or Catrice, so I was really excited when this one was added to the collection.

Divas Love Drama and Jungle Fever

 I had to go to a different Kruidvat to get these, but it was worth it. I already adore the purple shade and cant wait to try it out. The other one isn't as mixed with colours as I would like to, but it was the last one, so I was just glad to get it at all. It's still a beautiful shade though, can't wait to try them both out.

 left to right:
Return of Space Cowboys, Miss Money Penny, Godfather of Pearl, Holo Que Tal?!

Catrice Million Styles topcoats, Limited Edition. I was the first to pick them out from the big display, and had a hard time deciding which one to get. Especially since they were 2 for 4 euros this week.
I thought about getting the smokey one, but decided that I would probably not use it much. So this is what I bought, and I took backups of Return of Space Cowboys and Godfather of Pearl. I love them both and just know I'll use them a lot.

 I've wanted to try out a serum, because my skin could use something extra. Most are pretty expensive and even though this one usually is around 25 euros orso, I still think that is a lot. I already own different kinds of day and night cream, so I didn't really want to spend too much. Luckely for me, this week, all L'Oreal creams and serums are just 10 euro! That's why this baby came home with me :)

 I've been getting treatments for rosacea around my nose, (mostly redness on the sides of my nose, which makes me look paler than I am,) and the girl that does the treatments always uses this serum on my skin afterwards. I noticed a big difference after the visits, and I really wanted to get this for myself to use at home. I'll write more about the rosacea treatments later on, but theres 2 or 2,5 weeks between treatments, so it'll take some time for me to post the result ;)

These are two Pussy DeLuxe tops that I bought at Marktplaats for only 9 and 5 euros. Score! I love this brand, and I'm really happy with these tops. Especially, considering they look brand new, and are usually a lot more expensive. I also like the fact that they are in colours that I don't wear a lot. I try to buy 'out of my comfort zone' from time to time :)

I've probably bought my green skinny jeans by the time I've posted this blog, but I don't have any picture of that one yet. It's just like the red one I bought recently, but this one is an applegreen. :)

And last, but soooo definately not least:
I finally got the Lime Crime Carousel Lip Glosses!
I was planning to collect them all, one by one, since they were already 16 euro a piece, which is quite a bit. But then I saw Enchantra post on twitter, that they would become even more expensive after the weekend.
Boo! So I debated with myself if I was going to order just the two that I wanted most, which are Candy Apple and Kaleidoscope, but those two together would still go up to over 35 euros for just 2, if I included shipping. So I decided to look on the Lime Crime website, and there, I found out that they wouldn't be made anymore after March 1st. That's when I started panicking a bit, because I wanted to catch them all!
But, the set of all 5 was on sale! Instead of 85 dollar, it was just 65 dollar. With shipping included I payed around 55 euro, which is 11 euro each! I thought that was a pretty bargain, and hubs told me to just go and get them, since I was drewling over them, ever since I discovered them on the  internet, months ago.
So I did, and they arrived pretty soon after, with a glittery sticker and a sample of their eyeshadow helper :)

Kaleidoscope, Loop-de-Loop, Golden Ticket, Cherry on Top, Candy Apple, Eyeshadow Helper.

Look at those gorgeous sparkles!!! I've tried Candy Apple already and I wish my cameraskills were much better, because I can NOT get this awesomeness on cam. But trust me, it's just as shimmery on the lips as in the tube, maybe even more! And they stay on pretty well aswell. I think my Candy Apple will be empty wayyyyyyy too soon. Since they aren't being made anymore, I'll just have to save it for special occassions.....or maybe I just need a backup..............LOL.


  1. Leuke aankiopen! De Lime Crime glosses zijn erg mooi. Ik heb zelf de paarse en wil er eigenlijk ook nog wel meer. Jammer dat ze duurder bij Enchantra zijn geworden.

  2. Wauw, ik ben zo benieuwd naar Divas love drama!