Monday, March 19, 2012

Haul: First Time at Primark.

A few weeks ago, I went to Primark for the first time. I went there with mostly dresses and tops in mind.
All the colours are not like they are in reallife, I had an off day with my cam again :(

The first things that I put into my shoppingbag where these awesome dresses:

A neon in-your-face orange dress with black see through stripes. I love it! Then my motherinlaw mentioned queensday, so this one HAD to go with me. Then I saw this bright fuchsia/pink dress with a cut out in the front and decided to take it with me aswell. From time to time, I add some colour to my wardrobe and bright colours work best for me. But, then we noticed that all the bright dresses were also available in black, so I decided to take the first one in black aswell. I'll wear it more often, because it's easier to combine with other stuff.
They were all really cheap, so I was already really happy with my shoppingbag.

 Then I added these two knitted sweaters to my shoppingbag, they were both on sale! They are actually a very warm red and a warm fuchsia, but my flash just drowned out all the colour. Without flash, they didn't come out right either. I love basic stuff with that little twist to make them more special, here it's the poofy part at the top of the sleeves.

Then I saw a lot of underwear and PJ's and shoes and bags, but nothing that really spoke to me. At the underwear department, they didn't really have my size anyway, most only went up to C, or anything above C/D was sold out. I'm used to it though, because 70E isn't a common size in most stores, but I didn't really need anything anyway.

Spongebob Lounge Pants! I bought these for Sid, and he's been living in them ever since! Well, on his days off anyway. ;) It makes me smike every time, they're hilarious!

 And then I found this gorgeous high waisted skirt, that fit me, which is pretty rare and very awesome. With my J-Lo booty and small waist, I have a hard time finding skirts and pants that fit, let alone a high waisted skirt. It fits like a I do have to practice sitting with it, hahaha. I knew Sid would like it, so it went into the shoppingbag aswell.

And then, I found this beauty:
This dress really has that 50's/vintage vibe, and I loved it as soon as I saw it. There was only this size left, and luckely for me, it fit! It is a bit loose in the waist, but you can't really tell from the front, and I need the space when I want to walk and sit down. Yeah, I need to practice sitting down with this one aswell ;). I like the cut of this dress and it's really different from anything I own. Sid absolutely LOVED it, as I knew he would :) This was also the most expensive thing that I was....wait for it.....only 25 euro!

I adore stockings, especiall with prints or lace. These were only 3,50 a piece, so they got to go into the shoppingbag. I haven't tried them on yet, hopefully they will fit, because I took the biggest size they have. Still, I've got really long legs, and it wouldn't be the first time the biggest size didn't fit. I'll just have to pray they will.

I also got these cute hairpins. My mom loves butterflies, and everytime I see them, they remind me of her.

All in all, I had a great time shopping there, even though I didn't really see any cute tops. Probably because I'll have to wait for the spring/summer collection. I did find some great pieces, but I still think Primark isn't THE shop for me, like it is for a lot of girls I know. It's fun to look around, and you can find some great products for just a couple of euros, but there's also a lot of stuff that's just not my style. I am going back for tops again in a few months orso, and maybe I'll feel differently then, but right now, it's not the big deal that I kinda expected it to be. That being said, I think most people will really love this store :)


  1. I LOVE THAT BLACK DRESS!!! and those neon tanks are awesome!

    1. me 2 :), cant wait for the warm weather to finally arrive!

  2. Wauw, zoveel mooie dingen! Ik ben er al zo lang niet meer gweest!

    1. Ik vraag me af hoe vaak/snel t assortiment vernieuwd wordt per winkel. Dit was de winkel in Zaandam.

  3. Right, Primark in the Netherlands is clearly much better than the chavvy crap in London Primark's.

    Reason #347 to come visit you :P

    1. Primark is relatively new in NL, and it's been a big hit. Now if we only could get all your makeupbrands in stores here....that would be awesome. ;)

  4. Wat heb je gave dingen gekocht! Die jurkjes zijn zoooo leuk!