Thursday, March 15, 2012

EOTD: Zombie Tyr fighting the Dokkalfar Drakon

This is an EOTD with some Evil Shades eyeshadows and some Fyrinnae eyeshadows.
I really liked the combo of these colours and all the sparkle that it created.

I used my favourite Evil Shades eyeshadow Drakon, which is a beautifull mix of all kinds of colours, on the inner eye corner.

Then I used Tyr and Dokkalfar by Fyrrinnae on the outer V and crease. These are beautiful greens with lots and lots of sparkle. I just love those two!

Then I applied Evil Shades' Zombie above the crease for some extra colour. I've combined it before with Drakon, and I like the contrast with the greens.

Above my upper lashes and below my lower lashes, I applied a tiny bit of Sugarpill's Bulletproof.

 I've used Sleek's Matte Vamp lipstick, whioch is really darker, but always flashes bright on cam.
And I used a bit of Sleek's Fenberry blush on my cheeks.

I've got no idea what my hair is doing, by the way, lol.

I was wearing a black knitted dress with open shoulders, black leggings, long black belt with silver studs and black boots. I forgot to take a picture of the outfit though.