Wednesday, March 14, 2012

EOTD: Yellow, Green and Blue

This is an EOTD with the Sleek palette Jewels, which is a limited edition. I decided to use the colours that I hadn't used before, which were the 4 on the right side of the palette. In the end, I used the 6 colours on the right side for a more layered effect.

 I really like how the mix of green and blues seem to try and match with my eyecolour.

I love the black on the waterline, which makes my eyes look superwhite, but my eyes don't really like stuff so close to them, so I don't do it very often. They tend to get watery from it, and try to push the black down towards my lower lashes. Or just make me look like I'm crying, which is a bit silly ;)

I started out with the 4 colours on the right side of the palette: light yellow, darker yellow, light blue and black. I applied the lightest yellow on my inner eye corner towards half of my eye. Then I put some of the darker yellow next to the inner eye corner, on top of the lighter yellow. This one isn't as pigmented as the lighter one, and this way you can still get that difference in colour. Then I applied the light blue on my outer V and some above the crease. I wanted to use the black as a little soft line above my lashes.
With just these 4 colours, I thought that the EOTD was way to light for my taste, so I decided to add 2 more: A nice mossy green and a dark blue.

I put the dark blue in my outer V for more depth. Then I applied the green between the darker yellow and the blue. This made the colours blend into eachother more.
I also applied some more green between the dark blue and light blue above the crease.

I added some light yellow below my eye, on the inner eye corner, and some Gosh velvet touch eyeliner Green Moss on the rest. On top of this, I applied some more of the green that I used above.
Then I added some black above my lashes, and some on my waterline.

I really liked this combination of colours, and I've used it several times after this.

With some Catrice Dancing Nymph blush(LE) on my cheeks and Catrice The World's Grapest lipstick on my lips.
I'm also wearing the latest addition to my peacockjewelry collection, I LOVE it! :)