Monday, March 12, 2012

EOTD: Inglot & L'Oreal

This is an EOTD that I did right after I bought the Inglot pigments and the L'Oreal eyeshadow. (It's been a while, oops)

It was really weird to take pics of this EOTD, because I couldn't get the colours that I was seeing in the mirror, on cam. The flash made them superbright, but without flash, they looked dull and you can't really see the duochrome effect.
Then again, I'm used to not seeing the real life colours on the pictures I take, especially of my lips, so let's just pretend I'm a good photographer (*cough*) and just look at the pics.

The picture below is the only one where you can actually see a shift in the colour on my moving eyelid:

And this is what happens when you use a flash....the colour on the moving eyelid turns into a very bright orange?!

If you look closely, you can see a bit of the golden glow on the colour above the crease.

 Another effect of the duochrome colour, but the flash just drains the colour and glitter out of it.

Here the glitter reflects like tiny red spots. This is sooooo not one of my favourite colours to photograph, hahaha.

Here are some pictures with different lighting:


(Daylight in the shadow)


I think the actual colour on the moving eyelid is more a mix of daylight and daylight in the shadows. It's nothing like the pictures where I used a flash. In daylight you see more of the duochrome effect, and with laplight you see more of the glitters.
The colour above the crease and the green have the same problem. They reflect weird with the flash, which makes them look more like one solid colour. It ruins the special effect that they have.

This was not an EOTD that I would usually wear, but I wanted to see the duopchrome effect of all three, so I just used them all at once. They may be easier to photograph, when combined with 'normal'colours. I'll just have to see and find out :) Still, I love these colours and I can stare at them all day, fascinated by  how they change, when I move my head. :)

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