Friday, March 23, 2012

EOTD: Green with EDM

This is an EOTD with some the Every Day Minerals Eyeshadows that I've been neglecting. I'm trying to pick some neglected products from time to time, because it's a shame to let them just sit in my stash.

Products used:
Hema eyeshadowbase
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
EDM eyeshadow, Leaps and Bounds
EDM eyeshadow, Cypress
EDM eyeshadow, I'm Keeping Your CD's

I really love the EDM eyeshadows, they are very soft to the skin, blend easily, have great pigmentation, but still give that soft look.
I especially love their shimmery eyeshadows, but then again, I always love shimmers on my eyes. Matte's just don't make me as happy.

I think my favourite eyeshadow from this EOTD is I'm Keeping Your CD's, which is the darkest green. It really has some awesome shimmer in it, and I think it blends beautifully into Cypress(middle of the eye).

I'm still a fan of EDM, but I guess I'm just a bigger fan of brands like Sugarpill and Evil Shades and such. They just have much bolder and brighter colours. But I'll keep grabbing my EDM eyeshadows, when I'm in the mood for some softer looks :)

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  1. green shadows are so pretty! especially on you! it really brings out your eyes!