Thursday, March 22, 2012

Black and Grey Outfit

This was supposed to be a post for the EOTD, but apparantly, something went wrong with the pictures. All of the pictures of my eye were blurry, which I only just found out. It's weird though, because they didn't seem blurry on my cam. Oh well, at least I still have pics of the outfit.

 This is why I never wear nudes on my lips, I really don't like it. I had one of the lipglosses of the Essence meet me @ collection on my lips. NOT a good idea.
The hair wasn't dry yet, after having had pincurls, so I just put on a hairband and let it dry like that.

I decided to wear some earrings later on, I really like these, and I'm still slapping myself for not buying the ring from this collection. They came from SIX.

 The EOTD, with Sugarpill's Tiara and Magpie.

A black knitted sweater (SPS), with a hole in the back, underneath I'm wearing a black racerback top (Hunkemoller). It has this awesome rose on the back with sequins that fits inside the hole of the sweater.
A grey skirt with black stripes (Action), some black knitted leggings (C&A), and ankleboots (Dolcis).

Yeah, the pics kinda suck, but I still thought it was worth a post. :P


  1. Your hair is so cute curled! And I really like the outfit. So pretty!

    1. The curls are from not dried long enough pincurls. I bet pincurls would look awesome on you, and they are really easy to do!
      And thank you! :)

  2. You really have a gorgeous body if i may say so (girls can say that too eachother without it being weird right?). Curves in all the right places, im jealous haha.
    Really love the tanktop!!

    1. You're making me blush! It's not easy to buy clothes though, thank gawd for fabrics that stretch and my sewingmachines ;)