Friday, March 30, 2012

NOTD: Midnight Date in the City that Never Sleeps

This is a NOTD with one of the newest Nail Colour3 polishes by Essence.
It's Midnight Date, which has a nice sparkly dark blue nailpolish with tiny glitters, and a topcoat filled with green flakes and glitter. The topcoat is a clear lilac, but you don't really see that on top of the dark blue. It might change the polish you're wearing of you use it on top of a lighter colour though. Might be fun to try out sometimes.

Just Midnight Date:

Midnight Date with City that Never Sleeps on top:


I'm usually not a big fan of blue on my nails, don't know why, but I really like this one. :)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

EOTD: Golden Shine

This is an EOTD I found in my files that I totally forgot about. It's not one of my favourites, but it's still worth a blog, I guess. I'm not totally sure what products I've used though, but I did remember the most important ones.

Products used:
Inglot pigment, 22
Fyrinnae Eyeshaow, Meerkat
Fyrinnae Eyeshadow, Sequined Master
Barry M Fine Glitter Dust, 22
Essence Gelliner, Berlin Rocks

I'm not sure what happened on the pictures with the colours below my eyes. Maybe it's the reflection of the sparkles, it just looks weird.

With some NYX Pandora on my lips:
Gotta love my Nightmare Before Christmas bathrobe! ;)

I really don't like the look on pictures as much as I did in real life. Oh well, you can't love everything :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Inglot Haul

As I've told you yesterday, when hubs found out there was a sale at Inglot, he told me we should go and buy some. I didn't even have a wishlist, but since the second item was at a 50% discount, I just went to see if something caught my eye.
I've already got 2 concealers and 2 pigments by Inglot and I like them a lot. But the eyeshadows never really caught my eye, because there are a lot of mattes in their collection, and I'm not a fan of mattes.
So while I was browsing through the pigments, hubs was looking and the eyeshadows and told me to get some. Yes, I have a husband who tells me to buy makeup! hahaha.

Sid has a pretty good eye for colour, being an artist, so I trust his judgement.
In the end, I bought 2 freedompalettes of 3 eyeshadows a piece. Sid picked all of them except the green and brown eyeshadow, those were the ones that caught my eye and -needed- to be in the palettes. Sid liked the mattes, but I told them I wouldn't wear them anyway, so we ended up with mostly sparkly stuff :)

Everything is packed individually, and you can arrange the palettes exactly the way you like it. It's a nice system. The lids can be taken off entirely, or just pushed aside, because of the magnets. The palettes can be stacked on top of eachother as well.

This is what mine look like, after I put everything together:

 AMC Shine 45 , AMC Shine 44 and Pearl 423

I really liked the green one, which had a lot of (gold) sparkle, even from a distance, the brown caught my eye because it was one that I didn't really have yet. I used to wear a lot of browns years ago, and the last few years I've kind of forgotten about this colour. I seriously need to get some new browns :)
Sid picked the lightest yellowish colour, it had some nice sparkles and I don't own a lot of light colours like this yet, so I thought this was a good choice.

AMC Shine 39, AMC Shine 22, D.S. 491

Sid liked a lot of the pink/purple colours and in the end he chose these 3. They are all pretty sparkly and the kind of pink/purples that I like to use.

I'm excited to try these out, and to see what eyeshadowbase works best with them.
Do you have any Inglot eyeshadows that you recommend? And do you ever let your partner pick out makeup for you?

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

EOTD: Inspired by The Hunger Games

I was supposed to go to the theatre to see The Hunger Games with Sidney and my collegue. Unfortunately, my collegue didn't have time the next few weeks, so we decided to go, just the two of us.

I wanted to do a simple EOTD, inspired by The Hunger Games, and it got a little out of hand, hahaha.

Products used:
Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow, Goldilux
Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow, Asylum
Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow, Bulletproof
Sleek Monaco Palette
Gosh Effect Powder, Glamour
Essence Liquid Ink eyeliner
Sleek Glitter Eyeliner, Diablo
Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliner, Black Ink
False Lashes from Born Pretty Store

 The lashes on thise eye irritated me though, they came loose at least 3 times on the inner eye corner. I think they are already a bit loose on these pics.

With some Catrice Unbeleaf'able Blush and NYX Hebe lipstick:

Before going to the movie, we stopped by Inglot, because they had a sale going on. Hubs really wanted me to pick out some stuff, sweet isn't it? Anyway, the girl from the store loved my EODTD and wanted to know what brand of eyeshadow I had used. Last time I was there she asked me the same thing, and she even wrote it down then. Sugarpill will take over the world! hahaha.

I kept my cloths simple though, as the EOTD was supposed to be, hahaha.
A black knitted top, bright red skinny jeans, black leather hightopped sneakers, and one of my Alchemy necklaces.

I really liked the movie btw, it's been a long while since I read the books and because my collegue borrowed them, I didn't get the chance to re-read them before the movie. But it did feel like all the important/interesting scenes were there, as fas as I could remember. I really liked the cast aswell, which is pretty unusal for me. Most of the time, I give characters such a personal image, that actors almost never match for me. But now, they just felt right. (Then again, I liked the books, but didn't -love- them, so that is different aswell.) That being said, I couldn't really remember all the details about everyone, so I'm not sure if they were close to the book. But the characters -felt- right, and I liked the movie a lot more than I thought I would. Sid hadn't read the book and he liked it aswell, he's going to read the books as soon as I get them back.
Basically, if you like the books, you'll probably like the movie aswell, because they stayed pretty close to it, storywise. Just one downside though, we have to wait 2 yrs(!?!) for part 2.

Monday, March 26, 2012

NOTD: Godfather of Pearl

This is one of the Limited Edition Topcoats by Catrice, Godfather of Pearl. This one is from the Million Styles Effects.
I used this one on top of Rimmel's Black Out, which is a nice shiney black nailpolish.

I tried to capture the duochrome effect, so I made pictures at different angles with different light.

In the bottle, it's just a clear/milky polish filled with blue and gold glitters. When the light catches it, it has a mostly blue shine and some purple around the edges.

 On top of a black polish, it turns into a mostly blue glittery polish, that turns to purple on the edges when it catches the light.

 See the difference in colour? It's much more noticable in real life, I love it!

This is a limited edition polish, so try to grab a bottle of this one while you can!

Friday, March 23, 2012

EOTD: Green with EDM

This is an EOTD with some the Every Day Minerals Eyeshadows that I've been neglecting. I'm trying to pick some neglected products from time to time, because it's a shame to let them just sit in my stash.

Products used:
Hema eyeshadowbase
Too Faced Shadow Insurance
EDM eyeshadow, Leaps and Bounds
EDM eyeshadow, Cypress
EDM eyeshadow, I'm Keeping Your CD's

I really love the EDM eyeshadows, they are very soft to the skin, blend easily, have great pigmentation, but still give that soft look.
I especially love their shimmery eyeshadows, but then again, I always love shimmers on my eyes. Matte's just don't make me as happy.

I think my favourite eyeshadow from this EOTD is I'm Keeping Your CD's, which is the darkest green. It really has some awesome shimmer in it, and I think it blends beautifully into Cypress(middle of the eye).

I'm still a fan of EDM, but I guess I'm just a bigger fan of brands like Sugarpill and Evil Shades and such. They just have much bolder and brighter colours. But I'll keep grabbing my EDM eyeshadows, when I'm in the mood for some softer looks :)

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Black and Grey Outfit

This was supposed to be a post for the EOTD, but apparantly, something went wrong with the pictures. All of the pictures of my eye were blurry, which I only just found out. It's weird though, because they didn't seem blurry on my cam. Oh well, at least I still have pics of the outfit.

 This is why I never wear nudes on my lips, I really don't like it. I had one of the lipglosses of the Essence meet me @ collection on my lips. NOT a good idea.
The hair wasn't dry yet, after having had pincurls, so I just put on a hairband and let it dry like that.

I decided to wear some earrings later on, I really like these, and I'm still slapping myself for not buying the ring from this collection. They came from SIX.

 The EOTD, with Sugarpill's Tiara and Magpie.

A black knitted sweater (SPS), with a hole in the back, underneath I'm wearing a black racerback top (Hunkemoller). It has this awesome rose on the back with sequins that fits inside the hole of the sweater.
A grey skirt with black stripes (Action), some black knitted leggings (C&A), and ankleboots (Dolcis).

Yeah, the pics kinda suck, but I still thought it was worth a post. :P

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

EOTD: Purple Magpie

I decided to try and combine my two favourite Sugarpill loose eyeshadows, Weekender and Magpie.
I really liked the result, and how they blended together.

Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow, Weekender
Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow, Hysteric
Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow, Magpie
Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow, Bulletproof
Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliner, Blue Moon

I applied Weekender over the whole moving eyelid and a bit towards the crease. I love Weekender, even though it's sort of a lilac, which isn't my go to purple. The glitters just turn it into this amazing colour that seems to go with everything.

Then I applied Hysteric above the crease and blended it out a bit. After that, I took Magpie, which is this amazing dark blue filled with glitter, and applied it into the crease.
I took Blue Moon, applied it underneath my eyes, and applied Magpie on top of it. This turned Magpie into a brighter blue. At first I wanted to clean it, and use a darker eyeliner underneath, but decided against it. The bright blue worked just as good, and made the look brighter.
Lastly, I applied a bit of Bulletproof above the upperlashes as an eyeliner.

Benefit Blush, Dandelion
Gosh Soft 'n Shine, The Soft Touch
Gosh Light 'n Shine Lip Glaze, no. 05.

It's a shame I couldn't get the lips on cam better, because the lipglaze gave them a blue shine, matching the eyes. I wasn't this pale either. Oh well, I sort of gave up on ever getting the right colour on cam anyway.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

EOTD & Outfit: St Patrick's Day

Last saturday, it was St Patrick's Day. Now, I do not really celebrate this day, but green is one of my favourite colours, so it was a perfect excuse to wear green.

I had just bought an awesome green skinny jeans and decided to wear it and adjust my makeup to it. The greens in my stash that came closest to the colour of these jeans, were Sugarpill's Midori and Tipsy.

As always, when I really want to show a certain colour, my cam decides to goof around and capture other colours than I'm seeing. Lol.

Gosh Effect Powder, Kiwi
Gosh Effect Powder , Apple Jam
Gosh Effect Powder , Emerald Green
Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow, Midori
Sugarpill Pressed Eyeshadow, Bulletproof
Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow, Tipsy
Sugarpill Loose Eyeshadow, Absinthe
Gosh Velvet Touch Eyeliner, Green Grass

On my inner eye corner, I aplied Kiwi, which is a bright light green. I blended this, with Midori, which I also applied to the rest of the moving eyelid.
Above the crease, I applied Apple Jam, and into the crease, some Emerald Green.

To brighten it up some more, I applied Absinthe between Emerald green and Apple Jam.
Then I added a touch of Tipsy, over Midori, for some extra sparkle.

Above the upper lashes, I applied a thin line of Bulletproof, as a soft looking eyeliner.
Below the eyes, I applied Green Grass, and applied some Midori, Tipsy and Emerald Green on top of it.

Catricce Unbeleaf'able Blush, Dancing Nymph (LE)
Essence Highlighting Powder, Fairy Dust (LE)
Gosh Velvet Touch Lipliner, Simply Red
Lime Crime, Carousel Lipgloss, Candy Apple (LE).

Black longtop with chiffon layers, Takko
Black hooded jacket, Takko
Green skinny jeans, Takko
Black ankleboots, Dolcis
The jeans is sooooo -not- this light mintygreen that you see on the picture. It's really a warmer green, closer to Midori. The jacket is a bit too large, but I really like it. I think jackets look cute, but most of the time, they are lined with satin, and I always get cold arms when I wear those without sleeves underneath. Yes, I'm weird, but this is the reason that I seldom wear jackets. This one, doesn't have a satin lining, and therefore, feels very warm. It's really different from my normal outfits, but it's fun to play around with clothing once in a while :)