Friday, February 10, 2012

Kruidvat Haul: New Catrice Products

My own Kruidvat doesn't have any new products yet, but the one downtown already had some.

I grabbed a few that I really liked and also found some other cute stuff at the Kruidvat Outlet Store.

Lipstick  no. 230, The Worlds Grapest. Looks like a winered with shimmer, and smells pretty sweet. I'm really looking forward to trying this one out :)

 Intenif'Eye Wet & Dry Shadow, no. 010, Black Or White Swan ?!
This is a black mixed with silverywhite and copper. It almost looks like part of a mine shaft, the copper, really stands out against the black.

 Intensif'Eye, Wet & Dry Shadow, no. 040, Have You Seen Alice?
This is a beautifull green, more green instead of that minty touch that the photo shows.It's a mixture of a lot of different greens, I love it.

 Absolute Eye Colour, no. 490, Vanessa's Paradise.
It's looks like a glittery turquoise and I think it will look fabulous, combined with Sugarpill's Darling. The photo shows a bit more blue than it actually is.

 Gel Eye Liner, no. 040, Sherlock & Khaki Holmes.
I love the gelliners by Essence, but I don't have any by Catrice yet. This looked like a special colour though, reminded me a bit of Gosh' Metallic Brass eyelinerpencil. It looks more like a goldenbrown in the jar, but maybe the khaki shows up more when swacthed.

Then I found these two in the salesbin:
 Absolute Eye Colour, no.330, I Think I've Green You Before.
I'm not sure how to describe this colour.....icy green? Mint green mixed with gold?

 Aboslute Eye Colour, no. 300, Pink Rock Super Star.
If the colour didn''t make me want this one, the name would have. :)
It's a very bright in-your-face pink with a tiny shimmer in it. The photo is really a toned down version of this colour, such a shame.

I also went by the Kruidvat Outlet Store, and there I found these lovelie things for a very small amount of money.
 You should know by now, that I'm a big lover of peacockfeathers and such. If you didn't know, than you haven't been reading everything I've written so far. Shame on you! ;)
These little booklets, shoppinglists, notes thingies, whatever, only cost me 1 euro each. I had to stop myself from buying everything with this print, because I think it's cute. But I wouldn't really used the way too tiny post-its and the adressbook(since I already have one).

At the register, this box caught my eye. I had to debate with myself if I would buy it or not, but for 7,50 euro, how could I resist?

I already own a very nice haircurler with lots of different pieces to creates different hairstyles. But it doesn't have a very BIG curler of a very small one, something I really missed. And for this amount of money, I could always give it to someones else, or save it for a giveaway ;)

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