Thursday, February 9, 2012

Jewelry/Hair Haul: Your Feather Fashion

I love feathers, especially peacockfeathers and ravenfeathers. I like the multicolours in them, and I own a lot of them. I even made costumes with them. :)

So when I saw the earrings on the Your Feather Fashion site, I was immediately in love.
The earrings were made from long sword feathers, that have the shockingly beautiful greens and blues in them. I already own earrings with normal peacockfeathers, but these were something new. You don't see a lot of earrings with peacock sword feathers. I have a deep love for simple things that are slightly different. :)

When I got them, I hinted that they would look good as hairextensions aswell. Yolanda already had feather hairextensions on her site, something that I had been looking for in NL for quite a while. But these were not with the little hairclips that are used for normal hairextensions. I like those clips, because I want to be able to change my hair and extensions everyday. Apparantly, she was looking for those clips, so when I pointed her to a shop that sold them, she could make them with the clips aswell. :)

A little while later, she had new feather extensions on her facebookpage, and well, I wanted the one with the peacock sword feathers, badly, hahaha.
She send the stuff immediately after payment, which was the very next day!

So here's my little haul for Your Feather Fashion:

I think I'm going to wear these quite a lot and make bold EOTDs to match :)

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