Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Extreme Look: Valentine's Eye

I wanted to do something different with some fake lashes and I was in a weird mood. So.... I ended up with a freaky look that is not wearable outdoors ;)

Products used:

Fake Feather lashes from Born Pretty Store
Fake lashes from Action (MAX)
NYX jumbo pencil, Milk
Sugarpill's Magentric
Sugarpill's Dollipop
Sugarpill's Tako
Gosh effect powder Rose Gold
Sleek glitter eyeliner Diablo
Essence liquid eyeliner black

 It's not easy to create this shape on such a small part of your face, especially when it looks really different form another angle.
 I tried to use the lashes to create a perfect heartshape, but the ones from Action didn't really cooperate and one of them got bend a bit, and so I got a crooked line at the bottom.

 It's a bit of a shame that the colours are toned down on the pics, because there was a lot of shimmer and glitter going on.

I tried to keep the rest of the colours and shapes a bit simple, or it would have become one big chaotic mess.
It's freaky, but still fun. And well..at least it's different! hahahaha.
This was after I took off the bottom lashes. I think this could have worked aswell, and then maybe with normal fake lashes above my own. Still, I think it was fun to do and it gave a really freaky effect to use the lashes like this. I'm definately using the feather lashes again in a normal way sometime, I think they are really cool.