Thursday, February 16, 2012

EOTD: Peacock Sword Feather

A little while ago, I wrote about the Heather Hair Extension that I bought from Your Feather Fashion. As you all (should) know, I'm a big fan of peacockfeathers. This time I wanted to do a look to match the feathers form my hbeairextenions. The swordfeathers of a peacock are kinda duochrome, in normal light they go from light green to dark blue, but in different light, they go from dark gold to a mix of turquoise and azure. I went for the darker colours, and here's what I used:

Sugarpill's Absinthe, Tipsy, Lumi, Darling, Starling and Royal Sugar.

I went to work right after making the pics, so I was in a bit of a hurry making them. Please bare in mind that Sugarpill colours are really bright and gorgeously sparkled.

I actually applied the chromalusts in the same order as pictured above on my eye.

I only used Lumi as a sort of highlighter over the rest to blend the colours a bit together and achieve some of the duochrome effect the feathers have.

In daylight:
Peacock Sword Feather in a different light:

I had to go to work, soI kept the rest of the makeup simple: just a bit of Light Burgundy blush by Catrice and The Soft Touch Soft 'n Shine by Gosh on my lips.

I think this look would look even more amazing with some fake lashes and a more extreme lipstick colour, but I might save that for some other time. For work, this was crazy enough as it was ;)

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