Monday, January 9, 2012

Tag: Are you a real Beautyfreak?

I saw this tag at Enchanting Beauty and saw my name at the bottom, apparantly I was tagged as a beautyfreak. Since I usually forget to do these things, I decided to fill it in immediately. So here goes.
It's a Dutch tag, but 'll try and translate it for you ;)

-What the most recent beautyproduct that you bought, that you had to save up money for?
Pfffft I don't know really. I don't buy a lot of expensive beautyproducts. I think the most recent one was the Clinique eyecream. I had samples of it and really loved it, but thought that almost 30 euros was a bit much. In the end, I bought it with a discount and got a free eyeserum and mascara from Clinique :)

If you were a beautyproduct, what would you be and why?
That's a really difficult question for me, because I always find it hard to describe myself. I think it would have to be a big eyeshadowpalette, with lots of bold and dark colours. A mixed palette of glittery, shimmery and duochrome colours (Something that would come close that Sugarpill's Chromalusts) No mattes though, I don't like mattes at all and they don't suit me. I'm a lover of basic things, but I adore things that are just a tad different than 'normal'. There's a lot more to me then meets the eye, especially if you really get to know me. Like with duochrome colours, it all depends on the lighting and the base you use. I'm the same, it all depends on the situation and the person I'm with. In the end, I'm a very trustworthy and loyal friend, just like a good eyeshadow stays with you as long as you want it to.

How many girlfriends do you have, that you can talk to about that perfect blush or that fabulous eyeshadow?
Not a lot, I tend to talk to people about anything but makeup, most of the time. But I do talk about it sometimes with my awesome collegues at work, and with my hubby actually. He knows more about makeup than any heterosexual, married, gameloving guy who's not a makeupartist, should ;)
I've also met some wonderfull girls/woman through other makeupblogs and twitter and such.

When was the last time you have thrown away makeup?
Hmm I cant remember. I actually only throw something out', if it's gone bad. And that almost never happens to me. I still own some of my first nailpolishes and my first coloured liquid eyeliner. I do swap some stuff or just give it to others if I don't like it or don't use it anymore. I'm not a big fan of throwing things away that can still be used by others. So it's probably been an empty mascara roller or something like that.

How did the makeupmadness start with you?
At a very early age, but I didn't get to play around with it. I've had severe eczeme and was quite allergic to anything makeup related. I couldn't smear anything on my face really. That's why I always ended up being the nonmakeup kid on pics at pre/middle school when we got to dress ourselves like cats/zwarte piet/etc. I used to have this cool makeup head that had gorgeous pink hair and lots of makeup with it. And my mom confiscated the makeup, because she was worried I'd get some on my face. I could still use the makeuphead for its hair though. I wanted to be a hairdresser/makeupartist back then. So I ended up with a plastic lipstick and such and played with that. It wasn't untill much later that I started wearing makeup. First the bit more expensive drugstrore brands, because those were the only one my face could deal with, and later on, any brand I wanted. It wasnt untill I was about 13, that I really started wearing (brown/gold) eyeshadow and mascara. At home I experimented with purple eyeshadow on my lips and such, but never outside the house.
Then it really started firing up again a few years ago, when people at the Lush forum started talking about makeup and 88palettes.

When a non-makeupfreak asks you how many nailpolishes or eyeshadow you have, do you give an honest answer?
Why would I lie? Everybody has a hobby and I have several actually. I just wouldn't really know how much makeup I have to I'd probaly answer: too much/many. Just like my clothing/fabric or books :P

How many times do you stop by the drugstore when you don't really need something?
Not as much as I used to. I have a great stash nowadays, so I always think twice before adding to it.
I mostly look at Limited Edition collections or colours that I like a lot. And ofcourse, I work during storehours, so it's not like I always have the time.

How much time do you spend each day on the internet, reading about beauty?
Some days way too much, other days none at all. I can stay offline for days on end, if I don't feel like it and not even miss it.

What's your favourite makeup item?
Another difficult question! I think I have to say eyeshadow/pigments. They can really change the way you look and I tend to use colours according to my mood/outfit/etc. I also love the way you can blend them into different colours and how you can combine colours you never thought off into beautiful combinations.

Do you have a wishlist, and how many items are on it?
Not really. I tend to see stuff and think 'Oeeee I'd love to have that' and forget about it within the hour. If I -really- want something and am able to get it, I just go and get it. But that doesn't happen a lot. I tend to make a wishlist for my birthday though, and that one's always pretty extensive, because I add stuff to it when I see something and I always hope it helps people to think up a present for me. But it's not like I can't live without anything on the list, and there's always stuff that I'll never buy on it aswell. I can be a bit of a hoarder sometimes, but not in a way that I -have- to have everything I like. Some things seem to expensive for me and makes me not wanting to have it anymore. I also love the excitement of saving up for something or waiting for something for a long time. It's probably the anticipation of getting it some day that I like most. So I'm not really a 'Want it and get it NOW' kind of person.

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  1. Leuk om te lezen :) Klein spel/typfoutje: 'herder' moet vast hoarder zijn (en ja, daar heb ik ook wel een beetje last van, haha)

  2. Ah thanx, ik weet dat t zo moet, maar heb deze blog wel 5 keer opnieuw moeten doen, omdat er steeds iets misging met de text en background. heel vaag. *edit*