Tuesday, January 3, 2012

NOTD: New Years Eve Nails

I decided to go with ourple for New Years Eve, and I wanted it to sparkle. So I grabbed a holographic polish by Teeez!, called Outta Control and one by Nubar, called Violet Sparkle.

I've tried all kins of lighting and settings from my cam, but they all turned out much more blue then it really is. Violet Sparkle really is a bright violet and Outta Control is a lilac/purple.

With flash:

I applied Outta Control over the whole nail, and then applied some Violet Sparkle on the tips. Not really in a straight line, just a bit messy, to make the colours flow into eachother a bit more.

Daylight without flash:

I think the one above shows a bit of the true colour of Violet Sparkle, the tiny pink dots. In real life, it's saprkle galore! Such a shame I can't get the right colour and  the enthousiasm the sparkles have on camera.
It's all much more pink/redtoned than above.

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  1. I -LOVE- this, that's such an awesome combination!