Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New Years Eve Makeup and Outfit

This year, I decided to go for a purple look, since I was dressed in black and needed some extra colour.

Products used:
Sugarpill Weekender
Sugarpill Hysteric
Barry M Glitter Dust, no 23
NYX glitter, Purple
Sparkling, no. 08


I forgot to make outfit pics, boo! So I made these after I got home, and was pretty tired.
I was wearing black leggings, black knitted bolero, black pumps with buckles around my ankle, and this pretty dress that I pimped. It was nonstretchy satin with lace at the bottom, which fit like a glove, but I wanted to be able to eat, sit down and such, so I removed the bottom and put some stretch tricot and stretchlace on it.

I also wore a necklace, sid gave me years ago and the earrings he gave me  a few months ago.

Tired me:

Wearing a bit of Manhattan Powder Rouge, Elegenat Violet, and NYC Pandora lipstick.(which is a bit more purple than the pink it shows here)

Some pics of our New Years Eve:
 Playing with Daans toys.

 Playing with the christmas tree decorations

Sid with my (cheapest) hair extensions

Us in the New Year, trying to keep my eyes open, because a lot of smoke was making them tear up.