Friday, January 27, 2012

Haul: spoiling myself after dentist appointment

On wedndesday, I went to the dentist. I had to have my molar sized down, to fit the new crown that will be put on top of it. I had a wonderfull time, which may seem weird, but my dentist and her assistent are really sweet and funny people. They kept making me laugh while I had to bite down on polymers for molarprints and they complimented me on my makeup and how symmetrical my eyebrows were. We talked a lot about makeup and work and other stuff. Apparantly, the assistent is a big fan of the store I work for and my dentist comes from Brabant aswell.
Anyway, I declined the anesthetic, because I never have those and the one time I did(when my wisdomteeth had to be remove in the hospital) it just felt really weird. She though she gave me one last time, but when she looked it up, found out she didnt. When I told her I never had any, my molars all have fillings and that I had years of braces and my jaw even was pulled to the front, she shrugged and said 'well that's a big difference from a client i had yesterday!' and they both laughed. Anyway, I declined, it hurt, but nothing I couldn't handle, and after an hour I was walking outside again. In 3 weeks I will have my crown and thats will be that. Sid had told me that I should buy myself a present afterwards, so that's what I did!

At Inglot I bought:

 No. 86 which is a beautifull copperyred colour with copperpink glitter in it.
And no. 22 which is a gorgeous purple with a LOT of gold in it.

Chatted for a while with the girl behind the counter, about makeupbrands and fake lashes and fantasy outfits, and I had to promiss her to come back someday, to have her do some crazy makeup on me. :)

The pic doesn't do the pigments justice, so here's a pic of each, that I found online:

Then I stopped by Kuci Muci, and picked up these earrings and the bracelet:
The earrings are really long, I love to play with long earrings during the day.
 The bracelet is made of leather and has a pattern of roses. Love it, it  was marked down to 3 euros.

 At Ici Paris XL, I bought this eau de toilette for Sid, which was marked down for less than 20 euro. Normally he uses perfumes by Givenchy and Rochas, but we both love this 'discount'scent.

I read some reviews about this new clinique cream and thought it would fit me perfectly. I thought it would be a lot more expensive, But I payed around 25 euros for it!
I also had a giftcertificate, so it was even less! I got 3 samples with it, but I forget to put them on pics.

Alkmaar now has a Claire's since about a month! Yeay, I really missed that store since I stopped working in Amsterdam. I bought:
 Fake red (allaround) clipin hair and a little bracelet with studs. I love this colour red and its too wide for me, so I'll probably cut it smaller and make small clipins for myself from the leftovers.

A Kruidvat I bought some things that were discontinued and/or on sale:
 Lipglosses, eyeliner, cuticleoil and a ducochrome (?) gold/green eyeshadow.

I also finally found this bottle! Seems a much easier way to remove nailpolish :)

I also bought some Andrelon styling and haircare, because it was a buy 2 and get 2 free deal.
And at Etos, I also got some Glisskur hairserums, because those were 2 for 7 euros.
I also reserved and paid for 2 xboxgames at Gamemania for Sid :)

You might remember the Anita Blake books that were on my bdaywishlist.
I've read the series before, but I loaned the first 13 orso from a collegue of sid. Since Im a big re-reader I wanted the whole series. I already had 13(?) and up and the first 3, so I needed the ones in between. I would get them on friday, but was fast as usual and I got them on wednesday, which was perfect, because I just finished the last book that I had.
If you like smutty books, go and check this serie out. It starts off pretty smutfree, but it gets smuttier each book. Im now reading book 4 and there hasnt really been any smut yet. BUT be prepared in the end theres a LOT of smut. If you;re not into that, don;t read this series. I love it, because it's about lycanthropes, necromancers, zombies, ghouls, vampires, etc etc etc. I really love the main character(s), and how the books are written.

Im a big re-reader, I tend to reread a series everytime there's a new book. Which is at least once every year, and a lot of different series that I read are still getting new books added. LOVE that!


  1. haha ja die claire clip ins zijn echt bizar breed he!

  2. It's good to have a dentist you can get along with. There's not a lot of pressure, which does wonders to the mood of a person while dental work is being done. There's less stress, so the pain is minimized.

    Anyway, that's a pretty nice haul! Maybe I'll try reading those books later on...

  3. Sensational info. I look forward to seeing more.

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